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I may be newly engaged, but my fiance and I have had certain ideas picked out for some time. I am planning on being married on November 1st, 2014. While I have plenty of time, I know that my cousin (married just four days ago,) had to book 1.5 years in advanced.

My problem is that I really want a 'real' ballroom so that I can have a 'real' masqyerade for my reception. There doesn't seem to be too many options for me... I live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Help, anyone??

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  • I'm having my wedding at the Carnegie Music Hall. I think it would be perfect for that type of wedding! It is one of the pricier venues in Pittsburgh though. What's your budget and we can try to help you find something within that?
  • Congrats on your engagement!!

    Off the top of my head, I can think of two places around here that sounds like what you're looking for. The first one is the ballroom at the Omni William Penn. It's pricey, and I'm not sure what your budget is like. Also, the Grand Hall at the Priory might be close to what you have in mind.

    Secondly, lurk around the boards for a bit. Going all in on a theme like a masquerade is generally frowned upon, as it's bad form to request that your guests dress a certain way for your wedding. That's not to say you can't incorporate the elements of a masquerade ball into your decor (which I think would be beautiful), but if you're picturing a full on "Phantom of the Opera" masquerade ball reception in your head, you may want to consider the fact that your guests might not be as enthusiastic about the idea as you are.

    Good luck!!
  • Maybe the Priory would work for the theme you are going for or the Grand Concourse?
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  • Thank you all for your suggestions! I have been looking at the Grand Hall at the Priory and the Carnegie Music hall. I have two years to plan and save, so I am okay going to a little pricier venue, because I know I will be able to pay for a good portion of it on my own (I have a lot of family help as well, and my cousin was just married, so we know what kind of expenses we are looking at,) I would say for reception costs, I'm looking at about 20-22k.

    As far as the masquerade theme goes, I want everyone to dress just like they would for any other fall wedding. Most of my friends in attendance are people who make it a point to wear costumes 5+ days of the year, outside of Halloween time! They will be committed to bringing  mask with them for the reception. I do not want people to come in 'costume' for the wedding.

    I am mostly looking to decorate for a classic masquerade ball, which is why I am looking at 'ballroom' areas.
  • I think if you chose the Carnegie Music Hall, you really wouldn't need any decoration. We're just doing flower centerpieces with lots of candles and that's it. The room is so beautiful that it doesn't need anything at all. But I will say that if you have a decent sized wedding, the rental fee and per person costs will take up just about all of your budget. And if you want to have your wedding there, book it ASAP. Dates in the spring/summer/fall book up VERY quickly. 
  • Between my friends and I, we are highly crafty. We will handle all of the decorating at a relatively low cost. Additionally, entertainment costs are covered by someone else. As far a reception goes, my budget is mostly for food/hall rental.
  • I am getting married at the Priory and I totally reccomend it. The venue is breath taking and the staff is absolutely amazing, not to mention the food is to die for. Also, it is pricey but if you are getting married in Novemeber you may be interested in one of thier discount packages. During certain months (I believe April, November and Jan-March) they offer amazing package deals that include literally eventhing -- centerpieces, food, drinks, cake, lighting, chair covers, lines, 2 guest rooms at the hotel and a suite for bride and grrom for wedding night, an entire townhouse/bridal suite for getting ready, etc. I have chosen to do this for my January wedding and for about 200 people our cost will be around 24,000. I would absolutely suggest looking into this. 
  • Also the priory books very quickly -- it is a popular venue in Pgh. My wedding is 1-1-14 and I have been booked for about 3 months now.
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