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Music during cocktail hour?

hi all - 

I just realized I hadn't thought about music during cocktail hour. I'm thinking maybe just hook up an iPod. Is anyone else doing this? If so, what kinds of music do you think you'll play?

Re: Music during cocktail hour?

  • Our DJ is doing our cocktail hour music, but we still have to decide on this as well.  I'm thinking lots of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. :)
  • I JUST emailed our musician. No idea but maybe something a bit more upbeat since we have an almost 90 min. dinner to sit through. 
  • Not sure.  I decided not to have the string quartet stay through the hour so I can save some money.  Our band will be setting up during the "flip" so they can't play for it.  I was thinking about having no music, but do you guys think that would be boring?  I guess I could look into an ipod. 
    As for what types, I think jazz would be great.  Something light that won't take over!
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    Our DJ is doing our cocktail hour music, but we still have to decide on this as well.  I'm thinking lots of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. :)
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    We are having a DJ as well. That is perfect cocktail hour music!
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  • We are having background jazz music. 
  • We were planning on just using our I pod and a playlist. We figured if it is only for an hour it should be fine. We are doing light jazz music.  
  • Upbeat topical music! Cocktail hour Frank Sinatra like music during the main meal(: We live in Florida&are getting married durning the day! xo.
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  • Our DJ is going to play background jazz music as well.
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  • Our DJ package only includes enough time for our reception, so we will just be playing an ipod on loud speakers.. which is fine because it's an excuse to put in our "weird " music that we enjoy without it keeping folks from dancing!

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  • We're having our ceremony musicians play through the cocktail hour. If this didn't work out budget-wise we were going to have our DJ play during cocktail hour. Since it's a string trio we're doing all modern covers (think Vitamin String Quartet). Although I've been to cocktail hours without music, and it was fine.
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  • At our venue, we can tap into the speaker system in the cocktail hour area and play a mixed CD. We're playing bluegrass covers of popular songs to go with our local North Carolina theme. We're having the cocktail hour/reception at the local aquarium and the cocktail hour area is a really neat indoor garden type place that features local fish, plants, and a couple alligators too so the bluegrass music fits right in.

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  • our dj is setting up a 2nd small system for our cocktail hour and we're player "Crooner" music -- Sinatra, buble, etc.

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