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first look phots rather than waiting for walking down the aisle to see each other

so i have heard some ppl are doing first look photos before the ceremony so that it keeps the first look special but allows the bridal party to take pictures before the ceremony rather than after, which is good for me because i am having a friday evening wedding and don't want to be eating at 9pm...what are yall's thoughts...first look photos or waiting to not see each other until you walk down the aisle?

Re: first look phots rather than waiting for walking down the aisle to see each other

  • Haha I've actually been having the same dilemma! I decided to wait and not see each other til I walked down the aisle (FH wasn't having it anyway, he doesn't want to see me in my dress before the wedding AT ALL) but when presented with a choice between practicality and romance I always tend to lean towards romance, hehe.

    Not that it won't still be an intimate, special moment when you walk down the aisle no matter what! I think either choice is fine, but in your case since many people will be starving by 9 PM, maybe you should opt for the first look photos. Your wedding day will still be amazing!
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  • I'm not doing first look photos, but I'm going to do pictures with my girls before.  I want the moment when the chapel doors open and he sees me to be special (I'm hopelessly romantic).  I don't have the time dilemma though.  Maybe you can do Groom & Groomsmen and Bride and Bridesmaids shots first, then the other ones after the ceremony...
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  • we will prolly do after my guess..
  • well we aren't getting married in a church so it won't be all that dramtaic...i do want to get a few photos w the sunset tho...i will probably do most of the pics before, that way I can do a touch up of makeup and hair right before the ceremony also, since some of the pics will be outside and i'm in texas!
  • i wanna do a first moment before because i get really bad nerves when i'm anywhere near attention and just a small moment would be best for me but he is so totally against it... will not see me for at least twenty-four hours before then so major boo, but it's what he wants so my baby gets.
    probably gonna do the girl/boy thing before hand too

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  • Ha, same here. FH actually suggested we not see each other for an entire week before the wedding! I'm not sure how plausible that would be since we do live together and it wouldn't be entirely convenient for one of us to move out for a week right before the wedding lol, but we'll come to some kind of compromise when the date gets closer! 
    Besides, I can't say that I don't love his sense of romance Tongue out
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  • I always really liked the idea of not seeing each other until the ceremony when Im walking down the aisle, however time wise I think it will be much easier to do pics beforehand. Also, there is no way I will make it through the ceremony without crying so the pics will prob turn out better if I dont have mascara running down my cheeks so Im going with pics beforehand. Plus when I reall y thought about it I decided that I liked the idea of having that moment more intimate and just the two of us instead of with 300 people staring at us!
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  • Hes not seeing me till I walk down. Where doing the other shots before and then the full bridal party shots after :)
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  • My FI and I are doing first look photos, we only have the church for a half-hour after the ceremony so we wont have time to do any pictures after.

    I am really disappointed about this though! :(

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