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How to start saving money toward the Wedding

Hello Fellow Brides!!
I would like to know how do you put money away towards the wedding. IM not gettin marris until June 8th 2013 but i would like to know little secrets or ways to put money away for our wedding. It would be great if you guys could help


Re: How to start saving money toward the Wedding

  • I started putting money aside from each paycheck as well.

    I'm also buying things with cash, as we go along.  Decorations, favors etc, so things aren't all one lump payment.

    I will also be looking into getting a part time job and stashing all of that extra money away too.
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  • My FH and i put some back out of each check and then i babysit on the weekends and make another 50 and that goes into the savings too!!!
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  • Also my tax income check is all going in my savings! well all but wat it cost me to get his ring!
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  • We set up a saving acct and are going to be taking so much out of each pay ck and putting it into that acct. 

    This is my 2nd wedding and word of advice start now.  When you find something you will use buy it if you see it on sale.  If you buy one thing a month that way you dont get hit with it all at one time.  Also shop around.  If you think you find the perfact dress or whatever see if you can find it for a better price or wait for a sale.  Hobby lobby is a great place to find wedding stuff and they run sales all the time.  If you don't like the "plan" look of things add your own touch and it can be done much cheaper. 

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