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Vent :(

I'm in a crappy mood today. PMSing to the max!!!!
My Mom is coming to visit this weekend and we're planning to get all the invitations addressed and assembled so they can be mailed out on Monday, Apr 1st.

This morning on FB I saw a post from my good friend Jennifer (we were best friends all through high school, have kept in touch ever since graduation, and I was MOH at her wedding), she lives out in TX now with her husband and two boys. Well her post said that this year's dates for their vacation to Cali are June 28 to July 11. 

WTF???? I sent her a Save the Date in October and then followed up with her in February to make sure she had all the information. She always responds with how excited she is for me and asks how the planning is going, etc. And now she's planned her trip for AFTER the wedding. I am so disappointed. 

I realize that no one cares about my wedding like I do. And I knew I should never have had any hopes that they'd be able to attend but I can't help it. I was really hoping that she'd make a point of coming.

Whatever. It's just making me sad when I haven't even gotten the chance to send out the invitations! Makes me feel like all my hard work and stress is for nothing.... because no one will even come. I just want to cry.


Re: Vent :(

  • I completely understand how you feel!! We already have about 20 people we know can't come and invitations haven't even gone out yet...sad face! 2 of which are some of our best friends who moved about 8 months ago and promised they would be coming back for the wedding knowing the date when they moved. I found out a couple weeks ago they won't be able to come because they planned a trip back up here to visit the week before our wedding and won't be able to turn around and come right back the next week!! So frustrating!! Oh and did I mention they live in Texas! Haha must be a Texas thing! Most of the others are my FMILs family that I was told a month ago had to be invited and now I'm being told none of them are coming! We actually had to cut our guest list to add these people. I'm pretty sure now that I know they're not coming I'm adding the others back into our guest list. Invites haven't gone out and they were originally invited until the drama...that wouldn't be considered Blisting, would it?? My point after that nice long post is you are not alone girl and I am sending you a big hug right now!! And whoever can't come is just missing out and it will make all those who are able to attend even more special!!
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  • That really sucks and I'm so sorry to hear that!
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  • ugh tell me about it. I found out two many things during my wedding. my fiancess best man and his wife got deployed to afganistan. and now my maid of honor has decided to move to cali a month before my wedding. I am happy for her i just wish she waited a month. She has no job set up so its her really wanting to go not needing to go then. She said she be back a week before just for my wedding but we shall see. :(
  • My fiance's father and stepmother said they were coming to our wedding, then weren't, now "might definitely" be coming again.... I am totally with you on the venting!
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