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June 2013 Weddings

C & V Thursday

Post your confessions and vents!!

Re: C & V Thursday

  • Confession: 
    I feel like I'm getting ahead of myself with some of the wedding planning. We don't know an exact number of guests since we're waiting on RSVPs, but I keep wanting to order wedding favors already. 

    NWR- but I need a job!! I've applied to over 40 places, and only 1 has called me back for an interview. It also happens to be the place where I worked before I left my other city - fast food - not really in my field (of Nutrition). So it's getting frustrating. Money is getting tight between fi and I, as he's supporting us both right now. So we're worried about the wedding. I'm sure it'll all work out. I'm hoping to get that job I had an interview for, even if it's fast food. Because it's money. 

    Have a good day ladies!
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  • I only have vent: I am so far behind. My FMIL was supposed to meet me after I got off work last week. She blew me off again! We were suppose to work on invites and catering since I'm completely clueless on how to do either of them. So I could have spent that time on spring break with no school doing something like getting my taxes done! Instead I had to push taxes back another week while I was in school so I was rushing. Ugh! I called to give her directions to my house lived here over a year and she hasn't come by and she didn't answer. I had to call again an hour later to find out she wasn't coming! Like why do I keep asking? She does this every time! But she cries to her son how we hate her cause we never invite her anywhere! No more wedding help for her. I'm sure she'll back out of what she offered to pay for too. And we've already excepted the fact we will be paying for his younger brothers suit.
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  • Confession:
    I'm starting to be "over" the wedding planning, I just want to marry him already!!! I'm still super excited about it and especially the honeymoon though.

    WHYYY won't my lower half firm up already?! I've been working out, eating better, drinking TONS of water, and it still jiggles too much IMO. My upper half is like a rock though, so I guess that's something.
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  • Confession: I am along with ally91 done with wedding planning and just want to be married.  Come on 94 days.

    Vent: I thought a bride was so supposed to know next to nothing about her bridal shower.  My mom and FMIL keep putting me in the middle of ish and it is making me me next to crazy.  At this point the shower is going to be at my house because FSIL is allergic to cats.  I just want the shower to be over already!
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  • Confession: I'm worried that no one will care enough to surprise me, or plan things for me for the wedding, so I've been overbearing about all the planning. I just don't want to leave any room for me to be disappointed.

    Vent: My mom fought against my stepmom to be able to host a bridal shower, but she's barely planned anything and yesterday she told me she couldn't spend $12 total on invites. I love and appreciate that she wanted to do this more me, but it doesn't make sense that she would volunteer (and fight) to host when she can't afford it. I'm feeling really conflicted and wondering if I should forego a bridal shower completely.
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  • Confession: Like others have said, I'm starting to be over the whole planning process. Can it just be day of so I can actually enjoy the wedding and marry my best friend already?!?

    Vent: I am sort of irritated that my mom is putting me in the middle of shower planning. She (along with my sister, who happens to be my MOH) are hosting the bridal shower but I feel like it is me and my mom instead. My sister is away at college currently, to be fair. But, the school is only an hour from home and she comes home fairly often on weekends. For instance, two weekends ago, my mom recruited me to assemble/label shower invitations when my sister had been home all weekend (and I had been out of town until Sunday). Why couldn't my sister help her!?! I love them both dearly and I am grateful for all of their help, but I have so much on my plate between wedding planning, working, and preparing to move to GA in six months that I don't really want to be worryig about things like the shower. 
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  • Vent: Last night my mom took my, FI and DS out to dinner for my birthday.  During dinner she managed to insult part of my dress (the corset back), gripe about how ridiculous it was that the public library wanted her to reapply for a new library card (after she didn't use hers for 2+ years) and yelled at me for trying to teach DS that he needed to have more respect for teachers/bosses/etc. even if he didn't like them/agree with them/whatever.  I get that I have a temper too but if I'm trying to teach my son to be better than I am DON'T contradict me and DON'T make excuses for him!  Grrrrrrr

    Confessions: I hate the garter my mother made for me.  I know she worked hard on it (she made it herself) but I had already bought one that I really really wanted to wear.  I'm frustrated that she didn't ask if I had one before making it...and I feel like a total witch for being like that.  Sigh, this is so like the cake cutting set issue  Tongue Out
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  • I'm fourth to the confession of being "over" the wedding planning. Everything is pretty much planned, but the details are still hanging in the balance. Along with the stress of getting everything paid for and hoping it all comes together... I am exhausted. I hate to say it but I kind of just want to get it over with already :(

    My stress levels are high because work has been so slow... I barely have any money coming in right now and my FI is basically supporting us. Last night I received a rejection letter from a producer that was recommending me for a show that would basically run through April. After meeting with her last week, she said she'd get back to me about meeting with the director next. But instead the director didn't even bother to meet with me and hired someone else. I know I can't take it personally because I was definitely qualified for the job... was told it was down to me and one other person. I just can't understand how you can make a decision without even meeting both candidates! Whatever. 

    I am hoping God has something better lined up for me...

  • I'm confessing the 'over the wedding' feeling too.  I feel guilty about it, but I have no drive to do anything for it anymore. I just wanna be married already!
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  • erinlin25erinlin25 member
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    Vent:  My dad is kinda driving me crazy- I thought he would be the easy going one, and surprisingly he has his moments for sure.  So I chose not to get married in my hometown (bay area). At first my parents did not like that, and I was still open to it for they are paying, but new it would be super expensive for a place that just was not special... but luckily we found a beautiful place in Sacramento so its between where FI and I live (which is where a lot of his family lives) and between the bay area... we picked sac too so oot guests will have a close airport.  anyway, come to find out my dad is telling oot family to fly into San Francisco!?  That is over a 2.5 drive to sacramento + the city and commuter traffic is beyond ridiculous so they would be looking at more of a 4-5 hr drive probably.  He said the sac airport wa s"too small" and did not have enough variety in direct flights...  I do get that, but wouldn't most people rather fly in a little later rather spend more money on having to rent a car and drive through ridiculous traffic!?

    Its fine if they want to do that (I know my cousin is doing because her and her boyfriend are flying in a few days early and are going to make a road trip of it).  But other people who just want to fly in and go the wedding, a drive like that is long and will not save money.

    I was annoyed that he did not offer up the sac info to our guests (I've been getting emails from jet blue with sale prices for flights from ny to sac for a great price, so forward them to him and he does not even pass the info on).  So I finally took it upon myself to pass it on to cousins and whatnot and he got mad that I "went above his recommendation!?" 

    So odd-- I will just feel bad for guests who have to drive.  Its totally there choice so if that is what they want (especially those that plan to raod trip) but come on, grandma is not going to want to "road trip." and he convinced her flying in earlier and driving (she will be with my aunt and uncle) is the better way to go.  I just hope she is not uncomfortable, for that is already a long flight.

    ok, end vent :)

    ETA: I felt too snarky about this post, so just want to add that even though he drove me nuts this week, he is still amazing and I am so grateful for him and mom funding our wedding <3

  • Just a confession, no vent, honestly, I do not think I could type for that long....

    I am purposely not mentioning renting tuxes to my Fi.  He wants everyone to buy suits, instead of renting tuxes, because, Hey!  You'll have a suit!  My Fi would be a hoarder if I let him.  Even though tuxes would be less expensive, and the tuxes we looked at come in kids sizes too (we have a RB and my son is walking me down the aisle), and therefor would be more convenient at this point, he is just set on these suits.  So I'm just being quiet, and in another month, I'll put my foot down and we'll go get fitted for tuxes.  I've already talked to the guy at the tux place, picked out what I want, and talked to them about time frames. 

    Ah, I totally feel better I confessed to you girls, thanks
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  • Confession: I'm currently eating Chinese food for the third day in a row when I should totally be dieting!! Vent: We were supposed to go down and visit our ceremony and reception spaces yesterday, but the weather was really cold :( and it didn't make sense for us to make the 45 minute each way drive just to spend 30 minutes at our spaces if there want anything else we were going to be able to do while we were down there because of the cold weather. Not to mention both our spaces are outside and we didn't really want to stand outside in 40 degree weather! I was really sad all day yesterday that we didn't get to go...I had gen looking forward to it for a couple weeks!
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  • Confession: I am getting burned out trying to cram a year's worth of planning into two and a half months. I am also bummed there won't be any bridal showers or bachelorette parties, or even bridal tea parties with my sisters..............................................................................................................Vents: I really enjoy the free resources for planning provided by The Knot, but when your only access to the web is through a smart phone, it is very frustrating sometimes.
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