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June 2013 Weddings

Tuesday Takeover

Where's the Tuesday post?  I'm taking over!

TMI:  Any plans for breaking out any new bedroom moves on your wedding night or honeymoon?

Tell us:  Totally random, but it's my latest obsession, how many pillows are on your bed?
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Re: Tuesday Takeover

  • TMI: I think the only thing I will do different on our wedding night is a BJ. I never ever ever do that, and FI is always bugging me.

    Tell us: I have 4 pillows on my bed, and I use 3 of them, haha

    06.26.06 :)
  • I'll start, our bedroom activity has been good, but predictable.  I'm thinking about getting some of those cards, that have a different position to try, I think they come in like 30 or so a pack.  I figure we can randomly choose a card, and give it a try, no matter what position it is!

    I have eight pillows on our bed at this moment, and about six that are sitting off to the side that are purely decorational.  We have a king size bed, and I love lots and lots of pillows!
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  • Meghan that is a good idea! I doubt anything will be happening on our wedding night. The reception won't be over til 1:00 and I will be dead asleep as soon as we get back to the hotel. Was thinking about getting some of the dice that have naughty things to do depending on the roll. Though knowing some of my friends I may get some at the bridal shower! lol

    We just have two pillows on the bed though I have an extra nearby that I use for when I want to read.
  • I am sure there will be no new bedroom moves on the wedding night since we wont be getting to the hotel until 1 am and we will have been up since probably 7. Definitely on the honeymoon though.

    Currently have have 4 pillows on the bed because it isnt made. Usually there are somewhere between 8-10 though, I love my decorative pillows.
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  • AllieS421AllieS421 member
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    The new bedroom move will be actually sharing a bed together and partaking in activities after a really long hiatus! After our last meeting with our pastor, he insisted FI moved to our spare room until the wedding. So, by the time the wedding happens, it will have been almost 5 months- we have a lot of catching up to do!

    And pillows, we've got 4 pillows/pillow cases/shams and three extra "decorative" ones that only rarely appear on the bed because we are lazy.
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  • I'm with sparkles, there will probably be no new moves on the wedding night. I'll probably scoop up some fun stuff beforehand to take on the honeymoon. Those cards might not be a bad idea. He did mention something (semi-jokingly) about a lap dance a few weeks ago, so maybe I'll find a good song for that and work on some moves and break that out on the honeymoon.

    There are four pillows on our bed; two on each side. I sleep on my side, and only having one pillow is a sure way to wake up with a sore neck/back. I'm one of those people who brings an extra pillow with me when I visit friends or family, just in case they don't have enough pillows.
  • TMI- Ill prolly give him a BJ too, he rarely gets one and especially with my stomach issues I don't wanna be swallowing.

    Tell Us- just two, but a third may come up when my back hurts to put under my knees.
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  • Don't know if there will be any new moves on our wedding night, but we have decided as our wedding day gift for each other we will pick out each others wedding night/honeymoon attire!! To be opened in private of course. Lol! I'm sure he will get me something really sexy because I never wear anything like that, it's usually sweats and a tshirt. For him all I've decided on is a can of redi whip!! Lol! I think he'd look damn good wearing nothing but whipping cream!!! Pillows on the bed...we have 6. 2 for me and 4 for him and he's constantly stealing mine as well and saying we need more pillows!!
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  • TMI: Probably won't be pulling out any new moves. Even at 24, my hips are bad so they tend to cramp up when I try new positions lol. Besides, the reception ends at 1am. Given how tired I was being in a friend's wedding a few years ago, with the reception ending at 830pm, I know I'll be pooped by the end of our own wedding.

    Tell us: Only have 2 pillows on the bed, one for each of us.
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  • There will probably be nothing new on the wedding night but who knows!

    We also have 4 pillows on our bed. two for each of us!
  • TMI: Yeah, I'm with a lot of the other girls. Probably nothing new. It'll be close to 2am by the time we get to our hotel, and our flight leaves at about 8:30 the next morning so we'll be lucky to get 4 hours of sleep at a max.

    TU: We never make our bed so there's currently 3 pillows, 1 for me and 2 for FI. When it's made, there's 8.
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  • I dunno about any new moves, we shall see.

    Pillows, we have about 6 on the bed that we sleep with any given night :)
    I love pillows!
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    TMI: Finally have some privacy! No stifled cries of Passion for a change. TELL US:Just two pillows, and several cats.
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