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June 2013 Weddings

Guestbook ideas...

What are you girls doing for your guestbooks?

Are you sticking with a traditional book or photo album? Or are you doing any of the popular trends (e.g. mat photo frame, stainless steel engraved frame, signature tree, fingerprint design, river rocks, wishing tree, etc.)

This post is inspired from an older post I saw on CC and since I'm currently trying to decide on a guestbook I figured I'd reopen the conversation here.

I know that I want to have a guest book of some sort because I would love to be able to look back and read everyone's messages (kind of like a yearbook). But I wish I could settle on something a bit more creative... 

Right now I'm thinking of setting up a table with pretty stationary (i.e. note cards and envelopes) and pens with a sign that says "It all started with a wish" (a play on our engagement story, FI proposed to me at Snow White's wishing well in Disneyland) and instructions for them to "Make a Wish" (write us a note) and then "Take a Wish" (we will have little wishes rolled up, like fortunes, for them to take) all displayed in a few apothecary jars. 

I got this idea from the Martha Stewart website, link below.

I like that its a bit more creative and ties in with our wish theme proposal. After the wedding we can enjoy opening all the notes and reading them, then I'll probably put them in a scrapbook. 

Either way I am resigned to the fact that it will end up in a drawer, box, on a shelf, etc. That's just the way it is... Seems displaying all your wedding gear in your home gets old after a few years anyway. So I'm really trying to curb the amount of "decorative" wedding items. We already have a custom family name sign (a trend that I actually like, ours is gorgeous), our ketubah (Jewish marriage contract, its meant to be displayed), and we will have photos (of course).

Just curious what you girls are planning...


Re: Guestbook ideas...

  • We are doing a wishing tree!! I'm going to have cards in the shape of wine bottles and wine glasses, we have a wine themed wedding, for guests to put on the tree! After the wedding we are going to put them in a shadow box with wine corks from the wedding and put them up in our wine themed kitchen/dining room!! We like wine!! Can you tell?! Lol! I'm planning on reserving some pages in our wedding scrapbook to put them in there once it no longer seems appropriate to be displaying wedding "memorabilia"!
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  • We are having our guests sign a personalized Louisville Slugger bat.
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  • We are actually doing a rolodex Idea we saw on Pinterest. We are gluing 4 frames together to put the "instructions" and then making the rolodex cute. That way we have everyone's phone numbers and addresses and whatnot because we will be moving to GA from MI/OH a couple months after the wedding. :) 
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  • In Response to Re:Guestbook ideas...:
    We are actually doing a rolodex Idea we saw on Pinterest. We are gluing 4 frames together to put the quot;instructionsquot; and then making the rolodex cute. That way we have everyone's phone numbers and addresses and whatnot because we will be moving to GA from MI/OH a couple months after the wedding. :nbsp; Posted by abrozowski
    _________________________________________________ I really like that idea!
  • I like to scrapbook so I'm going to take some of the scrapbooking supplies I use and create pages for people to sign.  Then I'll insert those pages into my scrapbook and everything will then be in one place!
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  • We made a 12x12 book on shutterfly. There are lots of pictures from our whole relationship and different things for guest to fill out. There are a few mad libs, places to put where they think we'll be in 5, 10 or 20 years and a few other things like that.
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  • We are doing a boating oar. our theme is Nautical so we wanted to keep with that idea.
  • We are doing a quilt. 
    The guests will each get a square to sign or leave a note and then afterwards we will be making a quilt.
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  • We are doing a puzzle.  I bought blank puzzles off of Amazon and then we will put them together sometime after the honeymoon to relive our day.  I haven't decided yet how we will display them.  Each puzzle is only 8 1/2 by 11, so we could put them in a scrapbook or we could frame them or we could just leave them apart and put it together every anniversary.  I know you can buy puzzles on Etsy, but they were pretty pricey so I went with just a blank white puzzle off Amazon.
  • We are doing something similar to Bar...we are getting married 2 days before our 7th anniversary so I made a large scrapbook on Mixbook..The cover says "the story of us" and I have pages for every year that we have been together 06-now and in between those pages we have writing prompts like "what is your favorite memory of us?" What should we name our kids?  Where should we travel next?  What celebrity couple do we remind you of?  How to be a good wife/how to be a good husband?  Where do you see us in 10 years?  etc
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  • We are having our guest sign a wooden monogram.  Then we can hang it in our place after.
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  • we are making a photo book too-- Lexi I love the additional pages you added!

  • We are doing river rocks - got this idea from pinterest.
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    Were doing a Calander with all personalized photos of us on every month. They sign on there birthday:) thaught it was unqiue:) June 29, 2013 cant come fast enough!
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