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June 2013 Weddings

Help! I'm confused.

Okay, so I know I shouldn't have gone back and looked at pictures of me trying on dresses. But... I did. And now I'm super confused. I picked this dress and i'm going to add a sweetheart neckline to it. (Allure 8908)

BUTTTTT........ This next dress was my second choice and now that I look at it I think maybe it was the one that looked the best. (Allure 8954)


Ahhh... I'm so confused. What do you all think? We are having an outside, country wedding. He is a farmer and we have cattle together so it's very laid back and rustic. I'm riding in a carriage to the altar and we have incorporated lots of lace and burlap into the wedding. So originally I thought the second dress was too formal. But now, i'm just not sure. Please help me sort it all out ladies.
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Re: Help! I'm confused.

  • Both dresses are beautiful, but I think the one you picked originally is perfect! You look pretty and I think it fits the rustic theme perfectly. Don't second-guess yourself. You picked a gorgeous dress and you will look amazing!
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  • Personally I don't care if the dress I like the most matches the formality of the event.  If I like the dress that's what I want to wear.  Period.  You should decide which dress YOU like better and then go with that one.  Smile
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  • I really like the second one, but then I'm partial to ivory gowns.
  • They are both beautiful dresses, but I agree with Allie. #2 is really formal. At this point, could you even get dress #2? June is only 3 months away, and unless you found a salon willing to sell you a sample, it seems a little unlikely that you'd be able to get it in time and get alterations done.
  • I think you look beautiful in the first dress. It is flattering to your body type. Also I don't like ivory dresses in my personal opinion
  • I like the first one best!  Don't have any doubts, it's amazing and you look gorgeous in it!
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  • Your dress (#1) is gorgeous! :) I think it fits your theme really well!
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  • I like the first one!! I think you look amazing in it and I think it will go with your event perfectly!  Don't second guess yourself, you picked that dress for a reason!
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  • Thanks ladies! You made me feel better about the decision I made. I am SUCH an indecisive person!!
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