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Modern 7 Blessings

My FI and I are having a reform wedding ceremony and I once heard a more modern/wedding-focused interpretation of the 7 Blessings. Does anyone know where I could find something like that?
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Re: Modern 7 Blessings

  •  Do you know where you found these blessings? I'd love the source! 
    Thank you!!!

    In Response to Re: Modern 7 Blessings:
    I searched online and found one that we liked. We're having a reform ceremony and my fiance isn't Jewish. The rabbi hasn't given us the green light but we're planning for him to read the Hebrew and then an exact English translation, and then our wedding party will each read one of the interpretations. 1. May you be blessed with love. May your admiration, appreciation and understanding of each other foster a love that is passionate, tranquil and real.  May this love between you be strong and enduring, and bring peace into your lives.  2. May you be blessed with a loving home filled with warmth, humor and compassion.  May you create a family together that honors traditions old and new.  May you teach your children to have equal respect for themselves and others, and instill in them the value of learning and tikkun olam (making the world a better place). 3. May you be best friends and work together to build a relationship of substance and quality. May your sense of humor and playful spirit continue to enliven your relationship.  May you respect each other’s individual personality and perspective, and give each other room to grow in fulfilling your dreams. 4. May you be blessed with wisdom. May you continually learn from one another and from the world. Together, may you grow, deepening your knowledge and understanding of each other and of your journey through life. 5. May you be blessed with health. May life bring you wholeness of mind, body and spirit. May you keep each other well-balanced and grounded, and live long that you may share many happy years together. 6. May your life be blessed with the art and beauty of this world. May your creative aspirations and experiences find expression, inspire you, and bring you joy and fulfillment.  May you find happiness together in adventures big and small, and something to celebrate each day of your lives. 7. May you be blessed with community. May you always be blessed with the awareness that you are an essential part of a circle of family and friends. May there always be within this group love, trust, support and laughter, and may there be many future occasions for rejoicing in their company.
    Posted by Jess111679
  • In Response to Re: Modern 7 Blessings:

    Thank you for posting this. It is absolutely beautiful. Where did you find it? 
  • Totally love this. Do you know where you found it?
  • Also love this - thank you!
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