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My father and I have decided to do a surprise dance for our wedding.  We chose four songs -- but here's where the problem comes in.  The songs he chose were Lowrider by War and Play That Funky Music Whiteboy.  I have no idea how we are going to dance to those two songs.  If anybody has any ideas on how we could dance to those two songs or even if they have seen videos with people dancing to those songs (just so I could get an idea), I'd appreciate it very much!  I've already tried but I am not having much luck. 

Thanks in advance for all of your help and ideas.  Even if I don't get any responses on here, I figured it was worth a try!

Thanks ladies (and guys!)

Re: Father/Daughter Dance

  • Define "dance." I feel like you could coreograph some funny jazz-y type moves to both of them. Have either of you done choreogrpahy before? Like danced it or created it?
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  • As far as dance, I'm up for just about anything.  No, neither of us has choreographed anything before; neither danced it nor created it.  My other two songs are cotton eyed joe and jump on it.. two songs that are fairly easy to dance to.  I know this will be difficult, but I'm not giving up yet!
  • Just google how to choreograph a dance. Are you doing the entire songs? or just cuts? Cuts will be wayy easier to work with (less to come up with).

    For low rider I imagine a lot of head bobbing, bent knees and hands.

    Funky music - google soul train episodes lol
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  • if you do not have a dance background, I would not do this.  Its going to be more stressful compared to fun and you and your dad will most likely be nervous.  But if you are totally set on doing this, just you tube father daughter dances and I guarantee you will get some ideas.  Both of those songs have a simple beat and there are plenty of simple dance moves you can do. 

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