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I am having my wedding in a venue that has several lattice panels which cannot be removed.  I am not a fan of lattice and am in desperate need of some ideas on how to cover them up without them looking cheesy.  Thanks!

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  • Weave something through the lattice to create a graphic pattern:  Maybe ribbon, tulle, burlap or  greenery.  It depends on how big the opening in the lattice is; how big your budget is; and what kind of look you want.  To get away from the lattice-look,  you could weave in a zig zag or chevron pattern.    Satin ribbon or tulle would lend itself to a classic weding or a retro-vintage wedding.  Burlap or floral ribbon would lend itself to a country wedding.  Greenery would lend itself to woodlands or eco-green wedding. 
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    Weave a little ivy in them. 
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    We had something similar.  Our florist (the one who makes money off of us) suggest we not do anything.  She said more often than not it draws more attention to them than if you just left them alone.

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  • what do the panels look like what size and where are they located.
  • Do you have a picture? I'd suggest either weaving ribbon through it or leaving it alone, depending on how it looks.

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