Venue is booked!

Woo!! I'm super excited and I had to share! :) 

Our wedding date is officially set!  We are getting married on September 20, 2014.

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Re: Venue is booked!

  • We are as well! Seems too far away, where are you getting married?
  • Just saw the reply! Sorry for taking so long!! We're tying the knot at the Cochrane RancheHouse, and I couldn't be more excited!!!
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  • Congrats on getting venues booked ladies!! We're waiting to officially sign the contract on our venue, but hopefully we'll be getting married September 6, 2014 at the Hotel Macdonald. Nice to meet some fellow September 2014 brides!!
  • Likewise! How far are you with everything else? I have bought the dress... Now just waiting the 6-10 months for it to arrive! But that's about all I have really done so far.
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  • Oh! And not being from Edmonton, I had to snoop and google Hotel MacDonald.... It's stunning!!! Beautiful choice!
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  • Thank you! It's one of my favorite spots in Edmonton and I'm so excited to get married there. I googled the Cochrane Ranche too and it looks gorgeous!! Cochrane is beautiful to begin with and this looks like the perfect venue.

    I haven't done much yet at all since I'm waiting on signing the venue contract at the beginning of September. I didn't want to go ahead and book a bunch of other vendors, only to find out that the date had to change or something like that. Frustrating that they have a 1-year in advance policy because it is keeping me on pins and needles. Looking forward to getting that sorted out!

    First on my list to book is a photographer because I'd really like to get going on getting some engagement photos done.

    I'm so impressed that you bought a dress already!! I'm just starting my search for that - I've only been to one store so far. Did you know what you wanted already?
  • I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted, but I tried on a bunch of different styles just to be sure. I fell in love with a dress that is pretty much exactly what I had in mind! I'm happy I went shopping when I did though, I'm swapping out the fabric - not a fan of taffeta, so I'm switching it to silk charmuse, and they said that can add an additional 2 months to the usual 6-8 months. One piece of advice though... Limit the number of friends and family you take dress shopping! Too many opinions makes it really confusing! After the first shopping trip with 6 people, I went with just my mom and found my dress! :)
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  • Thanks, that's really good advice!! I plan on just taking my mom shopping with me too - I become pretty easily overwhelmed by too many people so I think I'll just keep it small. :)
  • I bought my dress with my mother, sister and MIL. I went with friends/bridial party prior and with all the opinions I was getting overwhelmed with opinions
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  • Totally agree! It got to the point where I don't think I knew what I actually thought about the dresses... I could only hear their opinions. Much happier going with just my mom. I found a dress I love, and I didn't pull out my hair! :)
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  • Sounds like a much more pleasant experience with just a small group! I think that's the way to go. :)
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