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Industrial/Loft Venue - Jersey City, NJ

I have been searching for an industrail/loft style venue in Jersey City for some time now.

The best google searches that have almost worked are as follows:

industrial venue space jersey city
loft space " "
unique venue space " "
art gallery venue space " "
raw event spaces " "
warehouse event space " "

The ceremony will be at our church in Jersey City, so NYC is not an option as we would like to keep travel at a minimum. (Although I am willing to consider other north jersey locations that suffice and are close to Jersey City - fiance really would like to stay in jersey though)

I tried contacting art spaces - but even the list of vendors that populated was short and a dead end.

Does anyone have any clue where I can find a venue that comes close to the examples I have posted below. Or know of any gallery spaces I can contact?

Your help is much appreciated!!!

Re: Industrial/Loft Venue - Jersey City, NJ

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