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Jessica Lauren or Milton Gil Photographers

I'm having trouble deciding which photographer to choose! I met with both this week and they both have the same things to offer. Jessica Lauren just a bit more expensive (200-300$) but she has such a great personality. Both have great quality of work as well. Has anyone used either of them? Help!! :)

Re: Jessica Lauren or Milton Gil Photographers

  • Isn't Milton Gil a wedding studio with multple shooters and you don't know who your photographer will be until the day of? Not sure if that's the case with Jessica Lauren. Might want to check that out.
  • Hi! I am using Jessica Lauren for my upcoming July wedding. She has done our engagement photos and I am so pleased with her communication and work so far- I can't wait to see how our wedding photos come out. I chose her based off the reviews on the knot and wedding wire.. I am so happy I took the chance. It is just Jessica and her assistant Stacey, so you definitely know who will be there on your wedding day.

    My cousin got married at Nanina's in the Park last May and used Milton Gil. Before her wedding, I was seriously considering going with them since it is one of my venue's preferred vendors. However, after the experience she had with them- I quickly changed my mind. Like PP said, Milton Gil sends whatever photographers to your event- you don't know who you are getting. She had them write in the contract that Milton himself would be the primary photographer at her wedding. He showed up, but the second photographer did most of the work. Milton was cold and offputting- like he had no interest in being there whatsoever. Little did he know, he lost a potential client that day. There was a quick turn around on her photos, but they looked like they spent little time editing them.

    If price is a concern- Jessica worked with me and was flexible on her packages. It was easy to take things out or add things in to make it work for my budget. Also, she let us pay in multiple payments, with the last being upon receipt of the photos after the wedding.

    I hope this helps!!

  • this is so hard! lol .. When I met with Milton Photogrpahers, the guy that I spoke with actually told us who our photographer would be for our wedding and showed us the work of the guy. We didnt get to meet the him because he was out on a shoot so we just spoke with another guy about pricing.

    Thanks so much for your response! Verry helpful!
  • If you did end up wanting to go with Milton Gil or anyone else, I would still recommend meeting with the actual photographer who will be at your wedding in addition to just seeing the photos. I interviewed several photographers, but some I just didn't mesh with and I knew they wouldn't make me comfortable on the wedding day. I am not the best at taking pictures, so I wanted someone who I would be at ease with.
    I hope this helps too. Good luck!!
  • yeah you need to meet with the photographer I made that mistake using a photographer that I didn't meet for my first wedding. Although the pictures did turn out nice he was a bit annoying the day of. I am using Jessica Oh! because I love her eye for photos but Amy Rizzuto has done one of my friends weddings and is doing another and all their pics are gorg!
  • thanks for the responses!

    I decided to go with Jessica! woohoo!!
  • yay for you and Jessica!
  • Awesome! She is so great!!! Enjoy the rest of your planning
  • Glad to hear it - I was going to add that when I got engaged a girl I know sent me a fb message congratulating me, and said her one bit of advice is DO NOT hire Milton Gil - she had a terrible experience.
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  • I have a friend who is a DJ and worked at weddings Milton Gil was at and he said he was awful. Like others mentioned, he didn't do much work, was cold and not helpful at all. I quickly cancelled my appointment!
  • I think it is super important to meet the photographer actually shooting. You spend your whole day with this person. Their work could be great but if your personalities don't mesh, it could be the day from hell.
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    Milton Gil is actually a "preferred vendor" from my venue.  He was actually on my list of photographers I wanted to meet with.  Thankfully I had seen these types of reviews and didn't even bother to send him an email.  I was very thankful I found out ahead of time.
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  • Milton Gil was a preferred vendor of my venue as well- If I didn't experience his work firsthand at my cousin's wedding, I probably would have went with him too. He definitely cost himself a customer that day, and possible several others. I know lots of brides love his work, but attitude and relationships count for a lot too!
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