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IOWA CITY/CEDAR RAPIDS bachelorette party help!!

I am living in Denver but my sister lives in Iowa City. She is 22 and her bridesmaids who all will be attending the bachelorette party consist of girls that are over and under 21. I am tryin to create the most memorable bachelorette party for my sister. I have clear instructions from her that she wants to include every person (over and under 21) in all festivities. Some of the girls are wild and crazy, like to drink, penis' would be acceptable... then we have the two under 21 girls who are extremely shy, cant go into bars and don't drink - never having even tried a drink. My sister has also invited my mom as well as the future mother-in-law to enjoy most/all of the festivities. Is there anyone who can help me out with activities that I could plan? I, myself, would not be a penis' all over the place type bachelorette party, but my sister is definitely more that way than I. any help would be greatly appreciated!

I was thinking: pole dancing lessons, mani/pedi/massage, stay at a hotel for a night, go to a restaurant/bar that is not 21+, comedy show that is not 21+, hibachi grill for dinner maybe... ???

I don't know the Iowa City/Cedar Rapids area. Are there places like this?

Re: IOWA CITY/CEDAR RAPIDS bachelorette party help!!

  • There are a ton of places like this. I suggest starting with some google searches and narrow it down from there. If there is a certain place you are interested in we can probably help more and give more specific reviews.
  • Are you open to Cedar Rapids or just want to stay in Iowa City?  I only know CR businesses but here's a few ideas:

    Wicked Enchantment in Cedar Rapids does private party pole dancing lessons--I've taken classes from them and they're a lot of fun.  Here's their site:

    Osaka is a hibachi in CR, they do a great job.  There is a hibachi in Coralville, Three Samurais, I've never been there but I think most are the same?

    Capri COllege in CR does all sorts of spa day packages, and prices are reasonable.  It's a beauty school tho so you can expect to spend twice as much time than a normal spa--not a big deal if you're having fun!  If money's not an issue, RIverside Casino has an AMAZING spa, and you get to use their steam room and pool all day if you have a service there. 

    The comedy club in CR is 21+, but First Ave Club in Iowa City sometimes does comedy shows; also check the ENglert THeater in IC, I saw Mike Birbiglia there.  They don't do traditional comedy shows where you drink and sit at tables, but they do have comedians there sometimes. 

    If you want out on the town IC (probably more fun than CR for younger folks...I'm old and boring and you wouldn't catch me down there) the Ped Mall in IC has a ton of stuff in walking distance, including bars and restaurants.  The Sheraton and Hotel Vetro are right there too, so if the younger gals wanted to go back to the hotel once it's too late for them to be in the bars, it's not far.  Also then you don't have to worry about driving.

    Ok!  Hope some of that info helps you out--let me know if you have questions!

  • I live in Iowa City. I see Bachelorette parties out downtown pretty much every time we go out downtown in the summer. For hotels, the Sheraton and Hotel Vetro would be the most convenient if you want a downtown bar (less than a block from most of the bars). The ped mall area makes for great people watching even if you can't go to bars. Keep in mind the under 21 ordinance in Iowa City after 10 PM. The "normal" bars to hit up seem to be Brothers, DCs, Fieldhouse, and Union. I know the younger ones can get into Brothers before 10, not sure about the others.

    Another option that might work for you since it sounds like it might be a quieter night is the Iowa River Landing area (near the Marriott). My favorite Hibachi grill in the area (Konomi) is right there. The Backback Brewery is across the street too. They've got an cool outdoor area with a fire pit and bags. I don't think the under 21 ordinance applies in Coralville.
  • How do you get a hold of Wicked Enchantment?? I've been trying for the last couple months and all I get is a 'wrong number' signal saying that the number I have is wrong. I have been trying: 319-981-6543 which is the number on their website. I have also tried to email them. Any ideas?? Wicked Enchantment would be perfect and I'm really starting to stress bc I can't go there since I don't go back to Iowa until July 11, a couple days before the bachelorette party on 7/13 :\ Help?
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