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Comma or No?

I can't make up my mind for my invite: I have seen some with and with-out comma's. 

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Re: Comma or No?

  • I voted for the last one, but I'm not positive that it's the grammatically correct answer, it just looked the best to me!
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  • LOL maybe because it's 2 in the morning and I am completely burnt out but they seriously all look the same to me! I have also forgotten everything ever taught in all of my english courses. Time for bed...
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  • Mine do not have a comma, not sure if that is correct, but honestly I really do not think anyone is going to notice
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  • The first one is what we used on our invitation so I voted for it. :)
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  • In Response to Re:Comma or No?:
    Saturday, the twenty ninth day of June, two thousand and thirteen.
    Posted by EllaYoung
    remove the and in the year

  • danilynn72danilynn72
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    First one is grammatically correct and remove the word "and" from two thousand and thirteen. It's just like how we teach children not to say in the number 135 ...one hundred and thirty five ...it's just one hundred thirty five :-) Sorry you asked a teacher hehehe...hope this helps xoxo
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