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June 2013 Weddings

Wedding Wednesday

What did everyone get done this past week? Any good planning in the works for this week?
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Re: Wedding Wednesday

  • We went and looked at a place to have the rehearsal dinner. We are trying to go the cheaper route, and we found a place to rent for $225. It come with tables and chairs and AC!! 
    Food is next on the list. 
    Now if only my event coordinator would answer her emails and phone calls, I could legit book it. So frustrated. 

    I am still working on all the music. Touched base with the DJ, don't need to have it finalized til about a week before. Woo. 

    Talked to the baker, and she doesn't need anything from me either. 
    IDK what to do now. Sit and wait I guess lol. 
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  • I had a centerpiece-tastic weekend, and finally got to the point where I can start assembling the flowers (I'm making paper flowers). I also bought cafe lights for the ceiling of the tent and touched based with my venue coordinator regarding the decorations.

    My mom gave me the go-ahead to upgrade the chairs we had rented, so I'll have nicer chairs that will hold up to the heavier guests. My mom also bought her outfit for the wedding and is all excited to show it to me.

    We paid the deposit on the rehearsal dinner venue. FMIL finished addressing the invitations so we'll work on getting those out towards the end of next week.

    OH!! And rumor has it my bridesmaids dresses are in!! My maid of honor called the salon yesterday to find out the deadline for ordering dresses for her wedding, and they told her that my dresses are in. I'll believe it for sure once they call me directly.

    This weekend probably won't be very productive, since we have a wedding to go to on Saturday, Easter is Sunday, and I have to bake and decorate a 3D lamb cake, which will take most of my free time this weekend.
  • We finalized our menu, picked our cake, looked at rings (buy didn't buy yet) & got our invitations! (still waiting on those damn envelopes tho!)  Hopefully they come in today and we can mail them out by Friday (fingers crossed!!!!)
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  • We're dilligently tallying RSVPs, bought decals for FOB/FOG beer mug gifts, started putting together programs, put together OOT guest "boxes" and MY DRESS CAME IN!!!!! My mom bought plastic wine glasses for my wine tour bach party too. In the next few days I want to finish programs, piece together some centerpieces, and order little notes for the OOT guest boxes. My fitting is April 8th!
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  • Invitations are stuffed, sealed, addressed, stamped and ready to go out!! I just need to get our website completed so when people get our invites and visit the site they actually get the information they need! Wishing tree was my project this week and it's almost done, just need to do the cards to go with it! Hopefully we'll get to head down to our venues this week to get some final details hashed out!! Pretty uneventful week around here.
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  • In Response to Wedding Wednesday:
    What did everyone get done this past week? Any good planning in the works for this week?
    Posted by cnf2013
    After a MAJOR misstep with our first invite designer, we found a new one on Etsy this weekend and hope to FINALLY send them out this weekend!
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  • We met with our pastor again for our pre-marital counseling, and we started talking ceremony details.  Invites are almost finished, but won't mail for a few weeks since we are still 3 months out.  Everything else major is done..  waiting on a logo design to order favors and make programs, but venue, catering, transportation, decs, coordinator, hair, makep-up, etc are finalized.   The biggest to do item... waiting on my dress and find shoes!!!
  • I've got the majority of my family wedding photos printed and framed, still waiting on a few more though. They look amazing! I've got my maternal grandparents wedding photo(s) plus my paternal grandmother's bridal portrait. FI's paternal grandparents & paternal great-grandparents wedding photos. Still working on FI's parents photos, and my mom's bridal portrait. Also waiting on my maternal great-grandparents photos to arrive (aunt is sending them out to me from PA). 

    Invitations are semi-assembled with postage (got that done this week). My Mom will be addressing them this weekend when she comes to visit. They will be finished and ready to put in the post on Monday! 

    In the meantime, I CAN'T WAIT FOR SATURDAY!! I'm getting my hair cut and colored plus having my hair trial with my veil and headpiece. I'm SO excited! My hair is all grown out right now and I'm hating it!!! I can't wait to cut it a look cute again! 

    We will also be shoe shopping this weekend and placing the order for our cake! So, lots to look forward to!

  • Went Monday and tried on my dress it was so great! I love my dressI have all of my DIY invites done! They just need to be stamped and in the mail. I'm wondering how much they are going to cost.

  • I got re-measured for my dress (I lost enough inches that the template my FMIL created was too big YAY!), still plugging away on DIY projects and invitations. AND we decided on the signature cocktail we're having at the wedding.  It seems that I'm a vodka fan (although I didn't know that until we had our cocktail tasting).

    This weekend we'll be going to pick up the men's stuff (hopefully, as long as it doesn't snow again!) and will hopefully finish up the invitations.  We're also going to (hopefully) make a decision on food for the RD since pretty much everything else is set for that.
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  • Hi girls:

    We booked our honeymoon yesterday, yay!  We have a delayed HM due to us owning a shop and could not afford to close for two weeks straight for the wedding and honeymoon, so we knew we would delay HM just did not know when for sure--anyway we picked the first week in September which will also be my birthday and we are going to in Kauai!!  We are so excited :)  My dad got us an awesome deal through his timeshare (so now I most definitely feel bad for complaining about him last week).  All we have to do now is book our flights, so that will be on the to do list.

    I received my bridal shower invitation; so pretty.  All the fun stuff is starting so its really making this all real, lol. 

    Lately I've been registry stalking and was super stoked to see gifts being bought already!

    I have all the invitations addressed ready to stuff, so that will be done this week.  I just need to print off the insert we made.  The orignal plan was to send them to my mom b/c she wanted to send them, but we got hem addressed and whatnot up here so I would have to send them to her just to put a stamp on them and mail them...talking to my mom Ioday I told her I was fine finishing up here if she just wanted to send me the stamps so she did not have to stress doing them by herself.  We will see what she decides.  Silly to send her a box of invites just to stamp and mail!  I did take one to the post office today to check if the one stamp will be OK, and we actually do have to add 20 cents so I bought those stamps.  Glad I did that first so when we send them they will for sure be good to go.  Our goal is to mail them by next Friday.

    I have a make up trial tomorrow, so am looking forward to that.

    and OH, I gave in and just started the Body by Vi challenge!  Booking that trip to Hawaii made me think about bathing suits, haha. I do not need to lose weight really, just want to tone up.  Friends having been doing the challenge and have really liked it, so I figured what the heck!  Will be good to have some extra energy to keep me on my workout schedule :)    

  • I made a whole bunch of appointments for next week while my school is on Spring Break (yay for being a teacher!).

    Wednesday I'll be meeting with our florist to "play" as she calls it. We'll be doing mockups of the bouquets and centerpieces to decide exactly what I like. Thursday, FI and I have a meeting at our reception venue to meet the new coordinator, decide on the menu, and go over the info on details that we have now. We'll have another meeting in May or early June (our wedding is the 29th) to finalize numbers but we can at least do the preliminary stuff now. Then Friday my stepmom is coming down to go to my final fitting to learn how to do my bustle.

    Today I ordered a super cute babydoll from VS for my boudoir shoot in May. It's white and lacy so it might be my wedding night lingerie too.

    This past week, we did our cake tasting with both sets of parents. Right now, it looks like our flavors will be butter pecan (with cream cheese icing), white with strawberry filling (with almond icing), red velvet (cream cheese icing), and lemon (with buttercream icing). We might have to cut down a flavor and if that is the case, I think we'll lose the lemon.

    My parents also brought up the budget this weekend and said that they want to help. So, they are going to cover our bar tab, which was a huge surprise! We're hosting beer and wine, so even though it is cheaper than a full bar, for 160 people it could still get expensive! We feel very relieved.

    Next week, on top of our meetings, we are going to work on getting our invites addressed and stuffed. We have our first shower this weekend (with FI's family), so I'll also be doing thank you notes. Busy! Busy! Busy!
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  • I got a bunch of vases for centerpieces (on clearance for $1.50, whaaaat?!) and started to address invites!
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