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How do I deal with a problem brides maid?

So I asked my friend if she would be one of my brides maids when we picked our date (last year) and she said yes. Great, however now with the wedding still being a year away (but we are still friends and still close) she is saying she doesnt know if she wants to because she doesnt know where she will be financially, I am letting my girls pick their dresses I just have to approve so it is within their price point. OH!! and she is also throwing out there " I'm to fat to be in your wedding anyway" and " If i dont unfat then I deffinatly wont do it."

What do I do here becuase I dont have anyone to replace her with... Should we just cut it down to accomidate our lack of her? HELLP

Re: How do I deal with a problem brides maid?

  • cerissacerissa member
    Eighth Anniversary 10 Comments
    I'm sure disclosing her financial status wasn't easy for her so just be respectful of the fact that she was honest about why.   Talk to her again and let her know you really hope she will reconsider and let her know that girls can pick out their own dresses.  If she still isn't able to commit, then just thank her for considering it.  
  • I am her best friend its her situation isnt that bad. We got it figured out she said that because she is insecure with herself. So Im not down a Brides maid :)
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