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MOB dresses

Can anyone recommend bridal stores with a good selection of stylish MOB dresses?  My mom is 50 but looks 40 and is in great shape.  So far, in the few shops we've visited, the selection of dresses all seem to look "grandma-esque" (and I mean older grandma).  I've seen many cute ones online but the particular dress that we picked out and called around to find, no one has a sample!  Of course they're willing to order it but who wants to pay $400+ for a dress that they can't try on ahead of time?!?!  Help!  I go home in 2 weekends and this is our mission:)  TIA!
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Re: MOB dresses

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    My stepmom ended up just finding a dress at Nordstrom for my stepsister's wedding. She wasn't a fan of the matronly look either that was in the bridal stores, so she ended up just looking through department stores like she would if she was going to a formal affair. In the end she looked beautiful and elegant without a hit of grandma. 

    You may also find something a little cheaper than going to a bridal boutique. So that would be my suggestion- to check out the formal wear section of some nice department stores or maybe even boutiques that aren't bridal stores.
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    My mom got her MOB dress and her dress for my brothers wedding from Anne Gregory (where I got my bridal gown). I thought they had a great selection of more modern gowns, however, the prices are a bit high.

    I have also heard great things about the White Orchid on 51 - a few former knotties' mom's went there with great success http://www.thewhiteorchid.com/

    I also agree with the Nordstrom rec - also try Saks downtown. I know the Neiman Marcus near me in Philly has an amazing dress selection but there is not a Neiman in Pittsburgh :(


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    My Mom got a Daymore (sp?) at Babe's Bridal in New Kensington (where I got my wedding gown). It is a tiny store but they have a HUGE selection of MOB dresses. GL!
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    The only item I will not compromise on...my bouquet of all purple tulips wrapped in a swatch from my Mom's wedding dress.
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    I know it's a bit of a hike but what about The Winner in Sharon?
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    I second White Orchid.  I was in the store two weekends ago looking at BM dresses and watched a MOB trying on dresses while my BM's tried on their dresses.  They had some really cute one-shoulder numbers and the MOB looked great. You should advise your mom to take a look there.


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