Average cost of a wedding DJ and party bus/limo?

I would greatly appreciate if anyone would be able to give me an idea of average cost of a wedding DJ and party bus/limo?  I cannot seem to find prices anywhere but a bunch of people who want you to call them. 


Re: Average cost of a wedding DJ and party bus/limo?

  • pantherRNpantherRN
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    I would say $1000 is average for a DJ and is was I budgeted. However, we are spending less than that. Limo, I have no idea lol.

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  • shortyhartzshortyhartz
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    I think $1,000 is a little high for a DJ, but it is what I ended up paying for Andy Booth b/c he comes highly rec from girls on this board.  I think from what I've heard girls saying, $500-$1,200 is a normal range in PIttsburgh for DJ's.

    Party buses are expensive....I'm using FAB Limo (out of Ohio) and got a 18-20 person party bus for 5 hours for just under a thousand.  I think that's pretty normal.

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  • mdphdmdphd
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    Can't tell you averages, but every DJ I talked to was in the $800-1500 range.  I think I only found 3 highly recommended DJs (weddingwire reviews, our reccomended list) who were under 1000 for 5 hours. 

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    Our DJ is 1000 for 6 hours...and our party bus was just under 1000.  (We booked through Vogue Limos)
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  • juliemaybockjuliemaybock
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    Our Dj is around $1500, mainly cause we budgeted for that. We really want the best and thats what we got. I don't want a hobbyist to be in charge of my day!

    We also are using All Star Limos. We use their car service all the time and they are one of the best used companies that I can trust... I know it depends on how many people but average between 900-1800 for a limo/bus.
  • Rachiella3Rachiella3
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    I saw everything from $850-$2000. The $2000 seemed amazing. The $850 seemed very cheesy.

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