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Lingerie issues

I've been trying to find a long line bra or what's usually called a merry widow. I plan on changing dresses after we cut the cake at the reception, and the dress requires a strapless longline type bra. The wedding gown I purchased already has quite a heavy duty corset in it, so that's not an issue. The main trouble is with my size being on the larger end I get pushed into the plus sizes but I'm in no way a plus sized girl. Victorias doesn't seem to carry real lingerie anymore, and your typical sites out there for underwear want a lot of money for something that seems in my opinion really cheap, and I really can't justify spending a ton of money on a vintage reproduction type deal.

Any hints, suggestions, solutions would be greatly appreciated because I seem to be limited to this being an online purchase. Hardly any department stores in my area seem to carry one of these mysterious things.

Re: Lingerie issues

  • Have you tried a discount-type store like TJMaxx, Marshal's, Burlington, or Ross?  They have such random selections that you might find what you need if you are willing to dig around.
  • I got my long line bra at Davids bridal. I'm a 40D but when they helped me try on bras (they went into the room with me and did up the back for me and then help me adjust everything) i ended up needed to go down a cup size because of how my dress was made. I am also always pushed to the plus sized section even though most people say I look "normal" don't let it get to you.

    I suggest calling and asking if they will let you bring in the dress you plan to change into to the salon and then have one of the nice ladies give you their suggestions. 

    Just a side note, it was not cheap but good bras never should be.  The one bought from VS to wear (that the sales girl told me fit great), slipped down, poked, rolled, but it was pretty! The one I got that I will wear on my wedding day, plain white not so cute but comfortable, I was in it for 3 hours it never slipped, poked, or showed any rolls that I don't want anyone to see.
  • try They have plenty of options and great customer service
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  • try They have plenty of options and great customer service

    This is what I was going to say.  I'm a 30G (which, obviously, is really hard to fit), and I didn't end up buying my longline from there (I eventually bought it from a local boutique bra store), but they're awesome and I tried on a lot of longlines from there before I found the one I ended up liking better.  If you have a Nordstroms in your area, you might try there, too; they sometimes have stuff like that.  They're the only place that I can buy bras off the rack in my size; even at the boutique I usually have to special order.
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