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Hi everyone. I just have a questions to all the brides who have booked Succop Conservancy. I just had my food tasting with Medures (So good!) and they just sent over the contract and I noticed that the per person price seemed to be off. I had originally signed my contract with Succop to reserve the date and placed my deposit based on the pricing they had given me in Feb. of 2012. When I messaged my contact yesterday she stated that the pricing is dependent on when your wedding takes place. Mine is September 2013 so I guess I'm going to be charged the 2013 prices which come out to about $5 extra per person. This isn't a big deal to my fiance and I but we just feel like that was completely misleading! How can you have couples sign contracts when you aren't even sure what the pricing is going to be in the upcoming year? Has anyone else noticed this with them? I just wasn't sure if this was norm or not. Any help or comments you guys have would be greatly appreciated!

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    I am not having my wedding at Succop but when my FI and I looked at venues a lot of places would let us sign a contract and told us they could either guarantee the price or agree upon only a 2$ increase. We signed a contract for the Marriott Sept 2012 and were not getting married until August 2014. The coordinator gave us their current prices with our contract but did inform us that we were subject to a 2$ increase should they raise their prices. So I'm expecting it when we go for our taste testing next year. We only went to one venue that agreed to give us their 2012 prices but it was too small for us. Hope that makes you feel a little bit better about the increase.
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    Hello!  My FI and I are also getting married at the Succop in September!  We are so excited and can't wait for our tasting!  When we booked in January last year, they told us the 2013 prices were going up $5 a person.  So when we booked, our contract had the new rates.  Depending on when you booked with them, they may have booked you with the 2012 rates instead of the new ones.
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