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Need creative, very inexpensive ideas...

So about 20 years ago, my grandma passed away. Shortly thereafter, my mom was given her purse, and she decided to save the change inside so that when I got married, we could purchase something small that would be a gift "from Grandma". Fast forward 20 years; my mom gave me the purse, and I am on the hunt for something small and simple that could be a tribute, and "gift" from Grandma. I have four dollars in change. Ideally, I wanted to buy a little flower clip to wear in my hair, but even those run about 5-6 dollars at Claires, and I want to stay true to the original amount as much as possible.
So that said...does anyone have any ideas? It doesn't necessarily have to be something I will wear, but I would like it to be present and visible on the big day.

Re: Need creative, very inexpensive ideas...

  • kaos16kaos16 member
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    Maybe you can buy a length of ribbon or a pretty piece of lace to incorporate into your bouquet (if you have one) or dress in some fashion.
    [Deleted User]hockeywife10
  • kaos16kaos16 member
    Knottie Warrior 500 Love Its 1000 Comments First Answer

    that way you could maybe pass it on to a future child in terms of a christening outfit if you intend to have kids and christen them


  • What about a flower clip from Michaels or AC Moore? They usually havea 40% off coupon you can use on one item.
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  • Do you have flea markets in your area? If you do you can find jewelry, hair clips etc for really cheap.
    NerdyLucy[Deleted User]hockeywife10
  • rel1988rel1988 member
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    I like the ribbon idea! What about a hankerchief? If someone knows how to sew maybe they could embroider your grandma's name or initials on it?
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  • I like the lace/ribbon idea! I'm just getting to know the area I live in, butI think I've heard of a weekly flea market that's around here somewhere, I'll have to look into that!
  • I really like the handkerchief idea.
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