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can I be seated in the "no pooping" section?


what would you do if you were eating in an outdoor cafe and some person whipped out a potty seat for their toddler, in the middle of the restaurant?

also, would you encourage your toddler to use a potty seat in the middle of an outdoor cafe?

Re: can I be seated in the "no pooping" section?

  • 6fsn6fsn
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    That's disgusting, but it seems a little better since they are outdoors.  It looks like there is an infant so I can see why the mom might WANT to do this, but there are a million reasons why she SHOUDLN'T.
  • It's still a restaurant, even if they are outside.  Yes, packing everything up to take him to a bathroom is a PITA, but that's just how civilization works.  This isn't ok and she's not entitled to do it jus because she's alone with two small children.

    We have a potty in our van, but we have never used it outside of the van.

  • gmcr78gmcr78
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    Absolutely not ok. If I was a manager of that restaurant I'd be kicking them out.  That's unsanitary.
  • AuntFloAuntFlo
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    I have so many thoughts.  The main one is WTF kind of AW do you have to be to sit your kid down on a potty in the middle of the restaurant.  
  • I thought the whole point of potty training was to teach the kids to eliminate like grown ups. Which last I checked, grown ups had to find the restroom. And walk there. And wait in line, find a stall and close the door
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  • How did she even get the kid to do this? Just before we started the whole training business, Bacon would go into her room, shut the door, poop, then come out and tell us to change her. I can't imagine a kid who has the cognitive development to use the toilet being okay with this. 
  • mrsconn23mrsconn23
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    Word, Bmom.  DefConn goes by his toy bin and then only half the time tells us that he's done his business.  More often than not, we find out by him crop-dusting us.
  • Lyds85Lyds85
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    I work with young children who are potty training and we would NEVER do this or suggest this to anyone. That totally defeats the purpose... People are so effing crazy.
  • DG1DG1
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    Not OK. Not at all.

    But I will point out that the flip side of this is that it means the mom doesn't go anywhere and can't get anything done, which is also heavily criticized here. A potty-training toddler can't necessarily wait for however long it will take her to pack everything up and get to the bathroom, assuming she can even get all of that crap into the bathroom. 

    I agree that the better option for this woman was to keep the infant and potty-training toddler at home, but remember this the next time you criticize a mom who's ordering pizza because she couldn't get to the grocery store, or who has no social graces anymore because she's been isolated in her home with her children day in and day out. 

    (Also? Dogs in outdoor cafes are just a few shades of gray away from this.)

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