Bachelorette party gift?

So, I am attending my first bachelorette party at the end of this month.  A friend and I got to talking and we were wondering on gifts for this.  I know in movies and books and tv shows its lingerie or something "naughty".  The invitations also had the bride's sizes on it.  How on earth do you chose a gift of that nature for someone?!?!

Also, my friend had the question, if you gave a gift at the bridal shower, do you give a gift at the bachelorette party too?  I didnt go to the bridal shower so this one isnt for me.  But I mean good question.  I know she gave a gift at the bridal shower off their wedding registry as it was implied on the bridal shower invites.  She is planning on giving a wedding gift but does she need to give a gift at the bachelorette party?

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  • No, gifts are never required (though they are typically expected at a shower as that is specifically a gift-giving event). I think giving a gift for a bachelorette party is completely optional (whether you gave a shower gift or not). I would assume the bride's sizes were added for convenience, if anyone wishes to buy her clothing or lingerie. If you'd like to give a gift, do not feel pressured to buy her lingerie - any gift of your choosing that you think she would enjoy is totally fine!
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  • I'd just buy the bride a drink
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  • MuppetFan said:
    I'd just buy the bride a drink

    I agree. I've never bought anyone a gift for their b-party. I did receive a few at mine, but not many.
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  • MicqsMicqs
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    okay thanks!  Its so funny how media portrays things! :) thats why I asked!  Im not particularly comfortable buying someone else panties :p
  • I always thought contributing to the b-party activities (dinner, drinks, spa appointment, man smothered in oil) WAS the gift.
  • daria24 said:
    I always thought contributing to the b-party activities (dinner, drinks, spa appointment, man smothered in oil) WAS the gift.
    Agreed.  Never, ever would I expect someone to give a gift at a bachelorette party.  Although, I also didn't send out invites, it was just an email to the BM's.
  • If I get a gift, it's lingerie.  Once a group of us went in on one since they can be pricey.  I didn't get anything really scandalous, they have some super cute clips that are a little more modest. But as everyone said, it's totally not necessary. 

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    In my circle, personal showers are very common. It wasn't until TK that I learned not everyone had them. I really enjoyed mine. Anyway, if you want to get her a fun gift that's not lingerie necessarily, you could get some fun lotions or something. If not, I think a drink is fine.
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    Only my 2 bridesmaids gave me gifts at my bachelorette party. It took me by surprise b/c I wasn't expecting anything at all since the 2 of them paid for my dinner, my spa time, and all my drinks all night.
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  • If you feel like giving a gift and others are also giving gifts, don't feel like you need buy something crazy or expensive. You can do a lingerie store gift card so she can pick out her own, you could give a spa gift card, bath and body works stuff, or whatever. If you buy any lingerie, I'd include a gift receipt since tastes are so personal. I gave silky/satiny pj's at one because of the same feeling of weirdness. 

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