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We're having a slider station as part of our reception. I'm wondering if you were a guest, what would you like to see on it? This is what we've come up with so far:

Burgers: Beef - Turkey - Veggie - Mini Hot Dogs
Buns: Potato - Gluten Free - Chibatta
Cheeses: Cheddar - Monterey Jack - Mozzarella - Blue
Cold Toppings: Lettuce - Tomato - Onion - Pickles - Hot Peppers - Sliced Olives
Warm Toppings: Bacon - Caramelized Onion - Sautéed Mushrooms - Sauerkraut - Red Onion Sauce 
Condiments: Ketchup - Mustard - Relish - Mayo - Pesto - Salsa - Guacamole - Steak Sauce - BBQ Sauce

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