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mother of the groom in wheelchair

I am the mother of a hope-to-be-soon groom and in a wheelchair.  I have started looking at dresses, knowing this may be an issue for me.  As much as I wish I could walk down the aisle, I know, in reality, this will not happen; therefore, I would like to know what kind of dress I should wear.  No date has been set, so this is the only information I  have at the moment.


Re: mother of the groom in wheelchair

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    Wear what makes you feel beautiful. There are no dress requirements for anyone except those in the wedding party.

  • My grandmother was a paraplegic.  She had a really hard time trying to find clothes that she liked and looked great on her.  She went through a constant back and forth between buying clothes, trying them on later when she was home, and returning them if they just didn't work.  The more she did that though, the easier it became because she started to have a sense of what styles would and wouldn't work for her.

    My best advice is to keep searching until you find something you love.  It may take a while, but you probably have a fair amount of time, since the date hasn't been set yet.  Don't get discouraged, and don't settle for anything you're not crazy about.  I'm sure you'll find something that makes you feel beautiful!  Good luck!

  • And remember that you don't HAVE to wear a dress :) my grandma wore pants to my sisters wedding and was really self conscious about it but she looked beautiful!

    Heck if I wasn't the bride, I'd wear pants :) but I really like my dress, so I'll wear a dress for a day
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  • Just pick something comfortable that you feel pretty wearing. Like PPs said, it doesn't have to be a dress. 

    I would wait until they get engaged, set a date and figure out more details though. If they pick August on a beach for a casual wedding, you'll probably pick something different than if they choose January in a church and a black tie wedding. Know what I mean? But when it comes time to pick, your outfit is up to you.

  • Some really amazing shoes, since you won't have to walk in them?
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