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First Look Surprise :)

So - we've recently decided to do a first look. I wanted to do it from the start but my FH wasn't as enthusiastic about it. Then one of the guys he worked with got married and highly recommended it to him...so now, we're doing it...yaaayyy!!
I went to a wedding last weekend and am stealing an idea...

I went out and got a 2nd dress, a tea length dress, and am going to wear that for the first look. Yeah, it kind of defeats the purpose a little, because the plan is for him to think that's my wedding dress, but I'm going to change into my gown after the first look. I'm sooooo excited about it though! We get the special moment of a first look, but also the surprise when I come down the sandy isle in my gown. He's constantly surprising me, so I'm ecstatic for this on our big day!!! :) :) :)
I got a veil and everything to go with this other dress....and dyed shoes orange (his favorite color/one of our wedding colors) to wear with the short dress!

Our photographer, videographer, and coordinator know about this, and even though we won't get to spend as much time at the cocktail hour as we planned with the first look (bc I want formals in my real gown, too) I think it'll be 100% worth it!



Re: First Look Surprise :)

  • I love it!  What a great way to do the first look/get your pictures done AND still have the element of surprise at the ceremony!!!
  • Awwwww.... that's so awesome!!
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    Cute idea! I'm doing the first look too, but in my actual dress, but wish I had thought of this since I'm sure to be melting in my long tulle dress in the July sun! I love that you have two veils, I do too! I didn't want my silver bird cage to end up looking like a hair net by the end of the night so I made a short, fun tulle one for the reception.

    BONUS: if you get hot at the reception you can always change in to your first look outfit!

    Best Wishes!

    (and I hear ya - 5 DAYS! AHHHHH!!)
    :kiss: ~xoxo~ :kiss:

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    Aww cute - I am starting to feel like there's no more time for such big efforts - so good for you for taking that on!

    We are not doing the first look - my mother and grandmother are adamantly against it, which is fine because I think for me the tradtional route is more my style.

    Awesome you get two outfits - I agree that might come in handy if you get hot!!!

    We are SO close ladies! w00t!

  • He wanted to do the first look picture but I am totally against it because I want the first time he sees me to be when I'm walking down. Actually I don't plan on talking to him or seeing him at all after the rehearsal dinner. Whew! Yes 8 days is coming up. It's crazy! I think the two dresses is smart. Great idea!
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    @pam8787 me too! I know it's maybe a dated tradition (plus we moved in together a few months ago) but I am leaving Thursday for my mom's house and won't see him until the next Friday evening when we walk down the isle :)
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