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I'm getting punchy...

For 3 hours each afternoon, for the past 3 days, my upstairs neighbor has been sitting outside under the covered area of the apartment parking lot doing some sort of craft. Whatever it is, it involves a hammer. But the thing she's hitting is really thin, so she's essentially been hammering concrete, like she's trying to pound nails into stone tile or something. For 3 days. What the almighty fuck are you doing, lady??!!?!

Oh yeah, she also has her baby out there with her, which he doesn't like, so he's screaming.

My balconey is right above where she's sitting and I'm considering shaking out my hedgehog's dirty cage liner over the rails and let the breeze take care of the rest.

Re: I'm getting punchy...

  • We live in a duplex right now until we close on our home and the girl next door drives us crazy. She walks around in heels constantly. I mean 8am she's clunking around. And you might think, oh she's probably just about to leave! Nope.

    We have no frickin clue what the hell she's doing over there that entails this. But it bugs the hell outta me!

    So sometimes I put mine on with pajama attire and follow the sounds through the wall. At least we get a good laugh!
  • The dog beneath us is completely ignored, and crated all day. Some days he cries for six.straight. hours. I am not kidding. We have never seen that dog outside, and I really wish that she would take the dog to a shelter.

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  • WinstonsGirlWinstonsGirl The Cold North member
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    I used to hear my old neighbour (duplex) having sex.  Her headboard would bang against the adjoining wall and the entire upstairs would begin to shake.  I finally put some boxes into the closet on that wall and "accidentally" banged them against the wall while putting them there.   She got the message that things hitting the wall were bad.  Never heard her again
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  • I lived in a three family house and my neighbor would get in all out brawls with her lover of the week. One night at 3am she's outside of bedroom window (which is next to the driveway) screaming "KIM COME BAAAAAAACCCCKKKK!" I finally yelled at her "Kim's not coming back, go to bed!!!!!". During Hurricane Irene she made a guy in a wheelchair stay with her and wouldn't let him leave. He finally called a handicab after the storm to get him, but all weekend you could hear her scream to him "you can't leave you're in a wheelchair!" I kind of miss that crazy lady. My neighbors now are boring.

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  • 500days500days MA member
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    The other unit in my house has been cursed for ages. When we moved here the guy next door had lived there for 15 years. He died in the apartment the following year. The new tenant was a crazy older woman. She wore tie-dye everything, had acquired birds and a dog in a matter of 6 months of living here. She hated us too. She told us that we slam our door too loudly. Whenever she saw us she would call us assholes or obnoxious. She moved out after 9 months because her birds and dog died in the apartment, and she never took her trash to the curb. The next guy to move in turned out to be a identity thief. He gave the landlord someone else's name and got busted when he was arrested at work. He moved to jail haha. 

    The next girl to move in was young and her mom always came over to cook for her. She got a boyfriend after a year or so of living here and then moved in with him. We were starting to think that we were cursed lol until this normal girl moved in. Now there is a nice, well adjusted, normal couple that lives downstairs. I feel like we have finally hit the good karma for apartment living after all of the crazies. 

  • AddieCakeAddieCake Beyond the Wall member
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    I used to live in an apartment complex near a college campus. When I moved in, my building was a mix of single people like me, married people, married people with kids, and a couple college students. By the time I left 6 years later, it was just the college kids and I. Ugh. I couldn't wait to get the hell out of there. Not just b/c of them, though. 

    The next place I moved to, one of my first questions was, "What's your college population?"  Their response was, "We don't rent to college students unless they are in medical school." Hahahaha!

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  • Haha Addie I love their response.  When I was in college I lived in this rent controlled, mostly student complex, and every time a sorority had a formal there would be broken alcohol bottles all over the ground and parking lot from their preparties.  Super annoying.

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  • My neighbors like to sit in their car and blast music after 11:00 at night. They don't go anywhere. They just sit there.
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  • AddieCakeAddieCake Beyond the Wall member
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    One of my college years, we lived in a house that had formerly been a frat house. The cops kept coming to our house every time we had a couple people over on our porch. I'm not talking party; I'm talking like a few people drinking beer on the porch. Turns out, the neighbors had just gotten in the habit of calling every time they saw people on the porch like that. We went over and introduced ourselves to get them to stop. Hahahaha!  They were very nice after that. 

    What did you think would happen if you walked up to a group of internet strangers and told them to get shoehorned by their lady doc?~StageManager14
  • "Gavin DeGraw" used to live next to us. Every night for two hours, he would play his keyboard and he'd always "warm up" with a poppy, American Idol version of "Amazed" by Lonestar. Ugggh. It was a beautiful day, the day he moved out. He was not a good singer.

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  • LuckyAlohaLuckyAloha member
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    In the last place we lived, there were lots of problems.  The cops were there almost everyday, they added a "no prostitution on our ground" clause to our contract, because apparently they weren't being clear enough before.  They were always taking people out of their apartments in stretchers, I'm assuming for drug OD's, and one time my friend asked the paramedic what happened to the person on the stretcher who had a blanket over their head, the paramedic said that they were "just sleeping."  People would follow me and offer me drugs all of the time, and the pool was constantly being drained because people would bring their kids in it with nothing on (not even underwear) and they would poop in it.

    The lady below us lived alone with her son and baby, and they would always come up and mooch off of us.  My FI would answer the door and she would just walk in with the whole gang and change the channel on the tv.  They would ask for our food, alcohol, dvds, candles, and if we just wouldn't answer the door, they would stay there and knock for at least ten minutes until we went crazy and just answered the door.   After I moved out I heard from my hairstylist that she would go into restaurants, order food, and then not pay.  Supposedly the reason behind this was that the country that they're from has a different culture from ours, where people share everything.

    I love the place where we are now, and I guess the time we spent there made for good stories.

  • My cousin belong to a sorority in San Luis Obispo, and their house could not exceed I think 8 women because there is an old law to deter prostitution in the city.  Maybe she's full of shit, but that made me laugh.  

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