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cutting wine corks

I am making a bulletin board of sorts with all of our wine corks. I want to take the red wine ones & have the purple tips sticking up to make a "S" in the middle for our last name (Like the one shown here: http://icanfindthetime.blogspot.com/2010/05/monogramed-wine-cork-wall-hanging.html). I will need to cut those guys in half, so has anyone done this before? A lot of sites say to use a saw, but we live in a condo & do not own a saw. I would probably cut my hand off anyway if I did use one. 

Any suggestions? Thanks!
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Re: cutting wine corks

  • itzMSitzMS
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    I'm pretty sure a serrated kitchen knive or a regular utility knife would work fine.

    These are wine corks, not giant redwoods.

    Use a cutting board, wear gloves, and take your time.

  • Agreed. Corks can be made of pure cork or a blend of synthetic and cork. Trial one of each with different knives if you can before deciding. If you don't have a serrated knife try a discount store ( home goods, Walmart, etc) and you can probably get one cheap. They're great to have in the kitchen! You could also try a utility knives-like a large exacto but it needs to be thick for the cork. Could be a good tool to flatten a rough side.
  • A good serrated knife would probably do the trick. For safety you might want to get something like a clamp to put it in to hold while cutting, this way if knife slips, you won't mess up your fingers or fingernails. 

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