Steeler Groom/Wedding Ideas in CLeveland

Hi there,
I'm a Cleveland bride trying to incorp. some Steeler ideas into our Oct. wedding....... I plan on doing a Steeler's groom cake for my FI but was looking for other ideas as well. Please let me know your thoughts.....Hope I have better luck on this board vs the Cleveland one.
Thanks :)

Re: Steeler Groom/Wedding Ideas in CLeveland

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    You could walk into the reception to Here We Go and be wearing Steelers jerseys.

    You could also get a Steeler's garter. Hmmm... I'll try to think of others!

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    I think that the Grooms Cake is a great idea!  Will you be incorporating any Cleveland things?  You don't want to over do it.  The fight song sounds like a cool idea if you would be okay with it... Do something that you both will appreciate and be able to look back on and smile.
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    I like jl's ideas.

    An older knottie DIY's terrible towel - like favors for everyone, except they had the bride and groom's name. I think... info here (

    You could be announced in wearing jerseys... I think cch did this but with Pens jerseys.

    ETA: Also, you could have your table numbers done to look like black and gold jersey numbers.
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    Terrible towel wave as you make your entrance = WINNING :)
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    - You could have a special personalized terrible towel made just for your groom (if no one else is a Steeler fan) with your names and date on it. 

    - Have a terrible towel secretly tucked into your garter ... so that when he removes it .. he'll be surprised, and can wave it.

    - Grooms cake, definitely. 

    I'll add on if I think of more!

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    Yeah, we did jerseys. A couple other knotties did as well. I don't know what the others did, but I took mine off immediately. I wasn't about to have first dance pictures while sporting jerseys.

    We were going to do the table numbers using the name & jersey number of each player. But it got too complicated so we scrapped it out of laziness.

    The garter I kept had the pens logo on it. I found it at a sports store, nothing super exciting.

    Other than that, and the fact that we walked out to the pens theme song, there wasn't anything else sports related to the wedding. The grooms cake was a jersey-but it was a replica of DH's HS hockey jersey, not a professional sports team.

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    how about some steeler logo cufflinks that your FI can wear on your wedding day?

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    I actually did get him the steeler cuff links :) If anyone has pics of cake ideas that are different from what's online
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    There is a song called "Steeler Ladies" (to the tune of "Single Ladies" that you can use during your bouquet toss.  You could also set up a seating chart to look like the field and have the tables marked as "yard lines"
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