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So I went dress shopping with my mom today in Baltimore (where she lives) and I found my dress!!!! I don't have pics on my computer yet, but I am really excited and had to share with you guys Laughing
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Re: Dress!!!

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    Yay! Congrats! Can't wait to see pics!
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    The only item I will not compromise on...my bouquet of all purple tulips wrapped in a swatch from my Mom's wedding dress.
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    Ok here are the pics!

    Front of the dress- the strap is made of chiffon, the rest is a silk satin.

    The side of the dress has the same crystals on the hip that are on my left shoulder. Right under the crystals the dress has a sliver of chiffon instead of the satin (integrated with the dress, not attached just at the hip so that it flows smoothly with the gown).

    I love the back with the chiffon going from my shoulder then splitting to the two sides of my dress. You can see my black leggings I have on in this pic though lol.... Not my undies I promise, the back doesn't dip that low :-)

    So there it is! Yeay!  The way they can bustle it is going to be beautiful. They are taking it to the side, and it flows in a way that looks as though its not even bustled but just instantly shortened.
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  • gmc22gmc22 member
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    gorgeous!! It looks stunning on you - congrats on the check!


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    Congrats!  Very glamorous, I like it.
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    Thank you! I am still a little nervous about my choice as I over analyze everything.... I am not the kind of girl that was going to try on a dress and be like, 'this is THE one," but I did have  moment with this dress... This size was huge on me, but it will fit like a glove when they have it in my size and altered :-)

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    That's a beautiful dress!!! It's really unique looking, love it!

    Fantastic pick :-)
  • dalecnardalecnar member
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    Love the dress!!  It's so classic yet trendy.  Great choice!!
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