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Father/Daughter and Mother/Son Dance

So my father is a double amputee, and while he is getting his second prosthetic relatively soon - we're not sure if he will be able to do a father/daughter dance. However, my fiance is extremely close with his mother and I would hate for him not to be able to do a mother/son dance.

We were talking last night and I brought up the idea of maybe inviting all of the father/daughter pairs to share a dance - that way my dad and I can dance if he is able or I can just be beside him during the dance, then do the same with the mothers/sons. That way, almost everyone will have a way to participate during this time (which I sometimes find myself searching for a bar during...) and my fiance can have his time with his mom.

Thoughts on this idea? Just trying to see if it's something that might work or if anyone else has done something similar. 


Re: Father/Daughter and Mother/Son Dance

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    Are there a lot of people who will be invited to your wedding with their parents?
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  • Is there a way you could do kind of a "silly" dance with you and your dad (if that's your style)? At a wedding I just recently went to, the groom and his mom just faced each other and did "The Twist." Is there something you two could do like that (aka not a slow dance) with him seated that both of you would be comfortable with?

    I like the idea of a daddy daughter dance, but how many father/daughter pairs are you actually inviting? It could be uncomfortable for them if there are only like three pairs or so, you know?

    If you and your dad aren't comfortable with anything, I think it's perfectly fine to just have a mother/son dance and not father/daughter.  

    Tell your dad good luck with the second prosthetic for us!

  • We did something similar at our wedding, and it worked very well.  After about a minute of my dad and I dancing, the DJ welcomed all fathers and daughters to join us on the dance floor.  Same with the mother-son dance.  We had over a dozen pairs of people on the dance floor for each dance.  
  • Are there a lot of people who will be invited to your wedding with their parents?
    If she's inviting cousins, aunts and uncles, and grandparents, there will probably be several people who have parents at the wedding.  
  • Yeah - I was looking at our guest list when we brought it up and we would have about 10 other father/daughter pairs and about 10 mother/son pairs. 
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