Wedding Decorations for Sale

I just got married last weekend and have quite a few decorations that are in really good condition to sell. Any of the prices listed I may be able to negotiate on if you talk to me about it. Also, many of the items are currently in totes to make them easy to transport. Because we purchased those totes ourselves to store the items, I would like between $10-$20 if you would like the totes to transport the items.

1. I made some flower balls to use as centerpieces for the reception at our wedding. I used Styrofoam balls, paper flowers that were made with a puncher, and yellow pins to attach the paper flowers to the ball. I used wooden candle holders for the bases that I painted yellow and glossed. I would like $15 for each or can sell them all for $100. There are 13 of them.

2. We used electric candles for the candle holders that I purchased on Amazon. We paid $26 for all of them. I would like .50 cents for each or $20 for all of them. There are 38 of them.

3. We used this little basket to put bubbles for the guests to blow at the end of the ceremony. We paid $15 and would like $10 for it.

4. I have candle holders I decorated with blue and yellow ribbon and lace. I would like $2 for each or $45 for all of them. I have 15 blue and 16 yellow. There are I also have plain candle holders that I would like $1 each for or $15 for all of them. I have 20 plain candle holders.

5. I have a pink flower vase I would like $5 for, originally $10.

6. We got a car decorating kit that we never ended up using. We originally spent $15 on it and would like $10 for it.

7. I made a lot of signs for the wedding. I have a programs sign, 2 reserved signs, and a ceremony sign. I would like $3 for each or $10 for all of them.

8. Heart candle holders, $2 for 4.

9. Ring bearer pillow used once for $7

10. We had 3 banners for the wedding with mostly blue and yellow accents. They read: "GIFTS", "MR AND MRS", and "GUESTBOOK". We would like $4 for each or $12 for all of them.

11. We made 2 signs to let guests know that there is no seating plan that reads:
"Come as you are,
Stay as long as you can.
We are all family,
So no seating plan."
We would like $30 for them

12. For the cards from our guests, we used a golden birdcage and put a sign on it. We would like $25 for the birdcage and the sign.

13. We purchased a large signature photo that we never got to use. You put a picture in the middle and guests or your wedding party can sign around the photo. You can't tell in the photo, because it was used to make a collage of our engagement photos instead. (If you need to see what it looks like without the photos on the signature part, just let me know and I will send you a picture.) We would like $35 for it.

If you are interested in any of these four types of items please contact me through email. I will accept reasonable offers if you want to purchase everything or more than one together. Thank you! :)

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