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Gift question

Did you give your readers thank you gifts of any kind? Also our cantor is doing our wedding at no charge does anyone have any thank you gift ideas? What did your cantor charge? I'd like to use what the general cost of what a cantor would be to help me select a price point for a gift.

Re: Gift question

  • monkeysipmonkeysip member
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    Our cantor was also our organist, and he charged $300.  I'm not sure how much it would cost to just do one, and I'm not sure if that's a normal price for cantors/organists.  We just didn't have many options to choose from.

    I did give my reader a thank you gift.  It was $10 at chick fil a gift card, and a small icon (he loves religious icons).  I probably spent $30 total.  

    Is your cantor a friend, or just someone at the church who volunteered?  If you really don't know this person at all, I'd opt for cash.  If you know them a little, maybe a giftcard for a restaurant, a bookstore, or something like that.  Or something more meaningful like a religious item or rosary.  It's tough picking out gifts for people you don't know :/

  • We gave our readers each a TY card and gift card inside. I think we kept it around $25. Our cantor only charged $50 but I think we gave her $75. We also gave our altar servers a TY and $25 cash.
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  • Ok thank you for the input! This has been very helpful.
  • Ambybambi1125Ambybambi1125 member
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    And to answer your question Monkey our cantor is a family friend from FI's side that I barely know, and unfortunately FI does not have any idea of what we could get her. I think I will go the direction of a nice gift card to some place, not sure where yet.

  • we did not have a cantor/vocalist as it was $150 and we didnt think it necessary.  the organist was i believe $300 or $350.

    we didnt have readers as we had a latin mass. 

    you didnt mention it, but please dont forget to tip your altar servers!!

  • We gave both of our readers a pair of earrings.  They are close friends of mine.
  • Yeah we did a small gift for readers, servers, and gift bringers.  Each was in the $20 range.
  • We hired a cantor and I believe she charged $150. The organist was another person and he charged $300. The readers were my husband's sister and Godmother and we got them both nice thank you cards with gift cards to their favorite places of around $20 I believe.
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