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I won big!

Had to share... I was at Mohegan Sun in CT this weekend and won $1000 playing the Wheel of Fortune slot! It was so exciting! Bells and whistles started going off, people screaming... what a hoot!
It's the most I've ever won at a slot.

Throwing that in the bank for the Wedding Fund!
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Re: I won big!

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    Congrats!! My FI loves the Wheel of Fortune slot because he has won $1000 in the past as well!  It is such great slot.  Very wise to put your winnings into your wedding fund!!  

    Last April I won $600 on a "Village People Party" slot machine at the Mirage.  The cartoon figures of the Village People were all dancing around on the screen to the YMCA song while people around me cheered.  It was pretty funny.  The money went directly into the wedding funds!  Gotta love "getting a little back" so to speak! 

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  • Love Wheel of Fortune!  Congrats!  
    We had our dream wedding at Mirage on May 3, 2014! 
  • Wow lucky you!! Congrats on the big money :) as many times as I go to Vegas a year I've neve gambled! I just love the Vegas night life and day clubs :) but great you got more loot for your wedding fund
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    missax said:

    @SD210 I love playing Village People Party! I watched my mom win $10,000 on Cash Wizard (very fun slot) We were both in shock.
    Wow, now THAT is cool!  I will keep my eye open for that machine next month when I am in Vegas.  I'm usually a blackjack person, but I do always allocate a little money to play some slots!
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  • You should! It was a dollar machine, I played the max bet every time ($3). I wound up with a couple hundred bucks just spinning around, aside from the bonus spin!
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