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Convalidation Update

Hello ladies! 

I posted a week or so ago with some questions about our upcoming convalidation ceremony. First of all, I wanted to thank you for the advice. Secondly, I wanted give an update. Our convalidation ceremony will be Friday, November 22nd. We are having a full nuptial mass, followed by a dinner reception at a local Italian restaurant. We met with our priest last night to select all of our readings, I still need to track down the music director, but aside from that everything is set. We are inviting our nearest and dearest family and friends, about 40 total. I am going to wear my wedding gown again :) Everyone knows that we are already married, so why not get a second use of the dress? We have already had our wedding, it was perfect, and now we are looking forward to welcoming Christ into our marriage and celebrating our marriage and faith with our family and friends. I'll probably lurk around The Knot for a little bit, the etiquette board cracks me up. 
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Re: Convalidation Update

  • Wonderful! I'm so glad you're going to wear your dress again - sounds like fun! (I wish I could have gotten a second use out of mine!)
  • Happy planning IvyRose.

    You're ceremony sounds wonderful. Not everybody knows what a Convalidation really is or that a civil ceremony really ISN'T valid in the eyes of the church. Each parish has different rules but most priests encourage brides to plan as a true wedding celebration.
  • Please photos photos! I love photos of weddings. Or of convalidations. And YAY for getting a second use out of your wedding dress!!


    I'm gonna go with 'not my circus, not my monkeys.'
  • I know this is a month old, but do you mind telling me what you and your husband had to go through to do convalidation? 
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  • A convalidation in the church is actually the real wedding. The term refers to the fact that the priest is not doing for the civil part (Which normally he does), but performing the church's part. For a Catholic, that is the real marriage right there.  Catholics are bound to canonical form for their sacraments to be valid. 

    A convalidation cannot and should not be presumed or premeditated. It is a very. serious. issue for a Catholic to choose to make a public statement outside of the church regarding a civil marriage-- as that is a public act of turning away from the church. Many times, it has to do with non-Catholics and 2nd marriages/annulments and people converting. 

    For convalidations, the same rules apply, the same marriage prep must be gone through (with additional components possibly added on due to the previous circumstances of marriage outside the church). 
  • my sister didnt have to do marriage prep for her convalidation, but she received hers about 10 years and 4 kids into her marriage and they were very involved with their church, etc.  there was no question in her priests mind that they knew what catholic marriage was all about.  In her case tho, she had a catholic wedding the first time but the priest did not have authority to perform marriages which wasnt discovered until later.
  • That is awesome! Congratulations!
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