Hair and Make-up for Portland, ME wedding

I am getting married in Portland in November and I am looking for recommendations for Hair Salons/stylist and make-up artist for my wedding day. I am an out of town bride so I don't really know where to start, I don't really want to just start cold calling salons. I've looked at past posts, but they are pretty old (over a year), so I am looking for some updated responses. My biggest challenges are that I have a bridal party of 6 (although I think only 4 or 5 will be having their hair styled), my mother, my FMIL, my grandmother and of course that's a pretty big group. I only plan on doing make-up for myself and the moms. I am not sure if we are better us going to a Salon since there are so many of us or having someone come to us. Oh and the wedding is on a Friday, so I am not sure if that works in our favor or not. Suggestions, recommendation, and advice appreciated!! Thank you!

Re: Hair and Make-up for Portland, ME wedding

  • Hi there!  I don't have any recommendations because my salon-experience for my wedding was awful (and two years ago), but I do recommend that you join the Facebook group that we have - it's way more active with a lot of current brides able to give recommendations! 

    It's a private group - I think if you request to join, someone will approve you.  If the link doesn't work, just search for TK Maine.
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  • i'm the moderator on the facebook page, just just request it and i will accept you! i also have some recommendations for salons as i am a hair stylist.
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  • Great, I will join, Thanks!

  • If you do decide to go with a traveling hair/makeup group, I would recommend Bonnie's A Cut Above in Boothbay for hair stylists and also From This Day Forward for makeup. They seem to team up quite often and both do fantastic work. I would also like to recommend Harmon & Barton for your flowers if you haven't already found someone. Good luck!
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