Looking for a REASONABLE wedding reception venue!

Help! Just got engaged over Christmas, and looking for a REASONABLE reception venue in Pittsburgh. Looking for a place that comfortably seats 250 that asks anything less than $65 per person! I'm finding no luck finding a decent place that has a price less than this (with alcohol included). Anyone know of places that won't go over that price?? So far, I've looked at every venue listed on the Knot's featured locations. I'm looking for unmentioned ones!

Thanks everybody!!

Re: Looking for a REASONABLE wedding reception venue!

  • Did you look at the vendor recommendation post at the top of the board? Many places should come in at or around that price point.

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  • I did, but a lot of the lower budget ones don't fit the number of people we need. I am hoping for any suggestions of places that are not listed on the website. For example, the South Hills Country Club is an amazing deal but only holds 250, however it is NOT listed on the knot, so most people would never know about it. Same thing with the Georgetowne Centre. Wondering if there are more venues not listed like these.....

     Thanks for your help though!!
  • My reception is at Holy Cross Banquet Hall in Mt. Lebanon. It fits in your budget and can hold ~450 people. It's a pretty blank slate, but with a little work it can be a great space. There's also the Ballroom at St. Pamphilus in Beechview.

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  • Ok great! I'm definitely looking into them. Thanks for the suggestions! :)
  • I am pretty sure comfort inn in Penn Hills has a room for 250 you get cake, food, and alcohol. we are using them in may for our wedding we got the little room. 125 ppl tops, for ours. i believe their website is you also get a room for the night and its a 5hr reception. its easy to get to right off the penn hills exit.
  • I'm having my reception at the Hampton Banquet Hall in Gibsonia.  I think the price starts at $45 a person and it holds up to 300 guests.  That price includes alcohol, cake, table settings, centerpieces, wedding consultant, and much more.  It is a very pretty place and has an open house in February that you can go to and see it all decorated for a wedding and try all of the food. Congrats and best of luck planning!
  • My venue The Crowne Plaza Pittsburgh South (across the street from South Hills village) is around $65 a person, it includes cake from Signature Desserts, Custom Centerpieces from Botanical Emporium, Open Bar, 5 hour reception (6 if you close the bar for an hour.) The only thing is that the price does not include tax and tip.

    I'm nor sure if Washington County is too far for you but one of my bridesmaids is getting married at Fort Cherry Golf Club near Canonsburg and it is very reasonable.

    You can also check out Salvatores near the South Hills Country Club. My friends are having their reception there in June and they are very happy with the place so far.
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  • I know that The Wendel Inn for sure holds that many and is very reasonably priced.  I'm not sure if its on the vendor list or not, but here is the website.  I believe it is BYOB.
  • From the South Hills, so thanks for those recommendations!
  • As far as the Georgetowne Centre -- I had my wedding there in October.  2011 prices were definitely under your price point including top shelf alcohol. ($53/pp)  This price also includes Taxes and Gratuity, but not the Allegheny County Aclohol Tax.  The cake is included, but upgrades (filling, fondant, etc) are extra.

    For 250, you would need to rent the entire hall (they either rent the entire hall or split it into two sides).  I only had one side and had the larger side that was a minimum of 175.  What I wasn't expecting is that the MAX is about 180.  I had roughly 170 guests and things were pretty tight. 

    To rent the entire hall, I believe you have to either pay the normal cost per person for 300 people (even if you only have 250) or pay a higher cost per person for your head count (it may be whichever is cheaper).  It is definitely one of the more cost effective halls in the area.

    Hope that helps a little!  Definitely shop around and find a hall that has both the feel you love and a nice price.


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  • Check out Peters Place in Bridgeville. It would be under your budget. includes food alcohol..cake..hall.. icluding tips taxes under $50
  • Go to and look at their Social Hall.  They let you bring your own liquor but supply the beer and mixers, soda, etc.  It would fall into your budget. 
  • This just occurred to me even though I drive by it almost every day on my way to work. Check out the Cathedral Room at St. Nick's Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Oakland. Offhand, I think it could hold your number and would be near your price range.
  • You probably have a place by now, but in case anyone else is wondering, The Wendel Inn in Baldwin fits your criteria.
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