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Feeling worse about my dress AFTER it was altered?

I had my second fitting today, and there is obviously more work to be done. Unaltered, the dress was just slightly too big all the way down. Not a full size, just a bit too big. Well, they took it in and I tried it on, and it was lumpy and uneven down the sides! I pointed this out to the seamstress and she agreed and immediately went to work pinning, so it will get fixed. I also now have a tremendous amount of hangover front armpit fat, which the seamstress told me they can't do anything about. And there's an actual crease under the bust now, it doesn't flow down smoothly, it makes a clear crease where the bottom of my boobs hit my body. She also said there's nothing she can do about that. Are these normal things? Is it normal to have armpit fat and a crease under the boobs? I actually feel terrible about my dress now.

Re: Feeling worse about my dress AFTER it was altered?

  • I'm sorry you're having such a horrid experience. 

    First, I'd bring an honest friend to get a second set of eyes.  We're all harshest on ourselves, including how a dress looks...or maybe that's just me and my eyes!

    Second, I'd consider bringing the dress to someone else (or asking for a manager and then someone else if you are dealing with a company).  If the second person is able to fix it and agrees the prior seamstress was not competent, then i'd write a letter to the first seamstress asking for a refund or for her company to pay the new person...if they don't agree, then i'd be sure to hit every review site I can find and describe the issues!

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  • TiaTeaTiaTea
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    Sounds like something that might happen when you ( the seamstress , actually) take it from the sides only.
    What style is your dress?
  • CrazyCatLady3CrazyCatLady3
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    I read on another forum that you can alleviate the armpit and back fact issue by having the back of the dress altered to a v-shape instead of straight across and the sides of the cups in the front cut down.
  • Thank you, I will need to remember that!
  • Ditto above.  Get a second opinion.  You may be judging yourself too harshly, but also these sound like issues that should not arise from a competent seamstress.  There are definitely ways to minimize armpit fat bulge and the like.  

    Sorry you are dealing with this, it sucks not to feel completely confident in your dress. I hope it works out for you.  
  • I think a second opinion is a great idea.  Also, it sounds like the dress was taken in too much.  I competed in pageants for years, where alterations on dresses were an every pageant thing.  Lose a little weight, gain a little weight, all new alteration would be required to make sure there were no puckers anywhere.  Now that I don't compete, when I try to fit into some of my pageant clothes, I'll get a little of that "overhang" because the dress is too tight.  Your dress may need to be let out some.

    Two other thoughts.  Unfortunately, the seams may not be laying smoothly because your body isn't smooth.  Try the dress on with some great Spanx, or I just started buying the revamped Maidenform products.  The fabric is thinner, more like no show panties.  I've been pleased with a Maidenform slip I bought to put under a Herve Leger bandage dress that was showing every ounce of weight I've gained since my pageant years.  No more lumps!  :)

    Or, the fabric may be puckering because it is a synthetic fabric difficult to tailor.  This would be the worst scenario.  Cheap satin, charmeuse, and synthetic fabrics are much more difficult to tailor than natural, more expensive fabrics.  If it is the fabric quality, you're going to have to work with what you can do--like adding Spanx or seeking a better tailor.

    Hopefully you live somewhere where pageants are big.  There are great tailors where there are lots of pageants who are used to gowns because pageant gowns have to be perfect when you're competing at high levels.  I'd look for a pageant gown tailor who will be really OCD about getting the dress in the best form possible.
  • Ugh what a huge bummer this all is!  I'm sorry you're having so much difficulty.  Take a deep breath and stay calm...there's always a solution.

    In my experience, it is best not to use a seamstress from a store.  Often times, places hire someone so they can offer on site alterations, but the people they hire aren't always all that great.  They'll be fine for a quick hem or strap adjustment, but they're not usually so great with complete gown makeovers. You will find the best seamstresses are the ones who work out of their own little shop or their home, and their usually cute little old ladies :)  In the end, you will have a kick ass dress once you find the right person to do the job!  Do a google search of places nearby, and it never hurts to check in with others who could maybe supply a recommendation.  

    Best thing is to pick up your dress and take it to someone else.  I can assure you that someone can and will help :)  You will look amazing on your big day!  Best of luck!
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