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Is He Thinking of Popping the Question?

Hi everyone! Me and my boyfriend will be making our two year anniversary in December and I am pretty excited (and also crossing my fingers hoping he will propose soon!).. We are planning on moving in together next year around July (when his lease is up).. The other night he asked me about what my bills would look like in February.. Which was different because he hardly ever asks me about my finances and random at the same time because why mention "February"? Also, the other day we were watching TV after a day down the shore and a commercial came on for jewelry (particularly engagement rings) and he immediately took out his laptop and started browsing the different rings. I was actually disturbed because his behavior has changed so much (for the better commitment-wise)! Do you think he could be thinking of proposing soon? :)

Re: Is He Thinking of Popping the Question?

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    I'd put it out of my mind if I were you. Otherwise you'll be looking at every date and every vacation and every holiday as a missed proposal, and it can play havoc with your mind.

    Also, he's probably going to get you a pony when he proposes.

    On that note, welcome! What's your favorite hobby? Favorite dessert?
  • I agree, probably best not to dwell on everything too much. Unfortunately, guys are the hardest people to read sometimes and something like looking at rings may be a huge, he is going to propose in the next few months, sign to you but for your BF it could be a, huh I wonder what I could afford if I ever wanted to propose, kind of thing.

    I totally get the excitement though! You should definitely fill out the getting to know you survey! We can't wait to get to know you :-)

  • Another vote to not worry about it. You're planning to move in together next year, he's doing some cute things, and that's awesome. While it's okay to have a general timeline in mind that you both agree on, there is no need to focus on the definition of "maybe he'll propose SOON."

    Hang out with us, we'll keep you sane. What shows are you looking forward to this fall? Any book recommendations?
  • Like PPs have stated, don't let the "unusual" behavior that you have noticed drive you crazy. Maybe the February question has to do with a vacation? It's hard to say when he'll propose, my FI took a couple years before he actually bought the ring. If I were you I would look forward to moving in together next July. Welcome and make sure to stick around, everyone is awesome here :-)

  • Thanks everyone for your awesome feedback! I'm going to start personalizing my account now so you guys can get to know more about me :) I look forward to talking to you again! I am definitely going to take all of your advice and just throw it in the back of my mind!
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