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Do I wear my engagement ring to the ceremony?

I have seen people have there engagement ring on during the ceremony and people who havent. Am I supposed to wear it? Or do I not have it on when he puts on the wedding band? If I dont wear it, do i put it back on after the wedding band is on?

Re: Do I wear my engagement ring to the ceremony?

  • Do what you would like. My engagement ring is my wedding ring, so I didn't have to worry about it.
  • WinstonsGirlWinstonsGirl The Cold North
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    It's up to you.  Some wear it, some don't, some have DH put it on with the wedding band.  It's up to you.  I wore mine, since I love it and didn't want to go without.  DH put the band on over top and I just switched them right after the ceremony.  He didn't even notice I had done it until much later.  
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  • I'm planning to wear my engagement band on my right hand during the ceremony. I believe your wedding band is supposed to be closest to your heart, so my left hand will be bare until he slips it on! Then I'll transfer my engagement ring over to my left hand after the ceremony. Hopefully won't drop it in the sand!
  • FiancBFiancB MinnesOOOta
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    mine locks together so it's a little awkward because I have to take it off to get the wedding band on but oh well! Going to wear it anyway. It's not a big deal; do whatever you prefer.
  • I'm wearing mine on my right hand, then switching over. It's a halo, so the band isn't wearable by its self, but some knotties liked having their ering in their pictures front the front, so I'm going with that. 

  • I completely forgot about this detail until our ceremony was underway. I stealthily took my e-ring off and switched it to the pinky finger of my right hand (it didn't fit on that ring finger). No one noticed - not even DH :-)

    Different brides choose different ways to handle this, as you can see from what PPs have written. Some wear it and make the switch after the ceremony, some put it on their right hand, I've seen others ask their MOH to hold on to it until after the ceremony... and then there are the ones like me who don't even think about it...
  • I switched my e-ring to my right ring finger for the ceremony so my band was first, then switched it after.

    If you chose to do this route, my advice is to let your groom know you are doing it! H tried to put the band on my right hand because that is where he saw my e-ring.

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  • I didn't wear mine during the ceremony. H put it back on when he put my band on. I don't think it matters either way though.

  • I didn't even think about it so it stayed on my left right finger the entire time and H slipped the band on on top.  Which is how I still where it (even though that's technically "wrong") because I my E ring is a bit big and the wedding band keeps it from slipping around.

  • I like the idea of wearing it on my other hand. However I will be wearing my great grandmothers ring on that hand for my "something old". Maybe I'll just have someone hold it for me. Thanks for all your input.
  • ShallowSeasShallowSeas Indianapolis, IN
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    I wore mine on my right ring finger during the ceremony, and once we exchanged rings, I slipped the engagement ring over my wedding band.
  • Maggie0829Maggie0829 Ravens & Bohs & Crabs & O's
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    I wore mine on my left hand for the ceremony.  H slipped my band on over top the e-ring.  Once down the aisle and away from everyone I quickly slipped them both off and flipped them around.

    Honestly, it comes down to whatever you want to do.  I just didn't see a reason to not wear my e-ring like I normally would do.

  • I wore mine on my left hand for the ceremony. I switched my band and e ring afterwards.
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