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Affordable Maine Venues

Hi! I'm getting married in Maine next year and we have started to look at venues but I'm really feeling the pressure. I don't want something outrageously priced, but I do want it to be nice. Is anybody familiar with any places here in Maine that can give me that?
There is a barn nearby that we like but think maybe it will be TOO rustic. There's also Spring Meadows gold club which has nice views of a golf course and it's very affordable but may not be the nicest option out there. This is so difficult!
I was hoping to not spend much more than 20-30 a plate (as far as food goes) per person, and we plan to have approximately 130 guests maximum.

Re: Affordable Maine Venues

  • Where in Maine?
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  • Preferably southern Maine ... but I'm open.
  • What type of setting are you looking for? ... I am doing my wedding at the chandler house b&b (which I think may be the place you are talking about above). I loved the space not only cause I wanted a barn wedding but it was affordable, there is a guesthouse u can rent to get ready and you can make it your own. Just my opinion. I fell in love.
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  • Well I wasn't sure exactly what setting yet. I was actually looking at the barn at Wolfe's Neck Farm...but  I looked up the chandler house b&b and it looks gorgeous! I might take a look at that one! Also looking at the Portland Company. My fiance and his parents really like the barn idea though, and my in laws want to contribute to the price of the venue. I really do want to take a look at the chandler house.
  • Be careful with the Portland Company. If you google it under news you will find that it sold in August... so just be careful that you don't get caught between some redevelopment plans. I liked it too but it just made me a little nervous.
  • That's good advice. I think we may be leaning toward a barn venue anyway...but they told me it was being renovated and I have an appointment to see it afterwards next week
  • check out chandler house. my weddings there in 20 days.... the only thing i didnt like that they did was go with an exclusive rental company. luckily i was one of 3 brides that signed my contract before this happened so i did not have to use the rental company that they are exclusive with now.
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  • I have an appointment to go see it tomorrow. I wish they were a LITTLE more lenient with the guest count but it's completely understandable. Bummer that they are exclusive with one rental company too but maybe I'll like it enough that it won't matter. Wow 20 days that's really coming up, hope you have a great wedding! :)
  • yeah the max is about 120. we have like 100-104 coming to our wedding. the space is large. i am so excited just to see it all decorated. we have a lighting company coming in to do our lights as well. thank you!
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  • The Hardy Farm in Fryeburg is very flexible, pretty much letting us do whatever we want, and allows us to have our own vendors. The barn fits 150 and is white washed with chandeliers so not too rustic, but still get that feeling!
  • We ended up going with the barn at Wolfe's Neck Farm. Hardy Farm didn't have any dates, but looked beautiful! :)
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