Buy my outdoor vintage, rustic wedding!


Are you having a vintage wedding? I have everything you need. Our wedding was perfect, and now it's time to share all of the great things we have. We have spent the last year planning, collecting, crafting and building it all. We have everything you need from the ceremony to reception. There are so many things included in this package that you definitely need to come see it all. I will try to include all of the items that we have.

The ceremony:

The front wall with doors

The alter, this includes the stage and backdrop. Not the dresser though

The 4th wall with the window and sign

All of the signs

4 church pews, weathered to perfection, 14 ft long, seats about 10 people

16 wood benches, 8 ft long, seats about 5-6 people

Hanging mason jars, covered in lace, with handmade fabric flowers, 11 big ones, and 14 small ones
The ropes and wooden stakes
All of the lampshades

Wooden stand

Children's school desk

The reception:

Assorted dinner plates, salad bowls and desser tplates, 120 of each, all with various vintage like patterns

Assorted silverware, knives, forks, and spoons, all with various patterns, 120 of each

40 old books

Approximately 20 tea stained lace doilies

A TON of glass vases, various sizes, white glass, milk bottles, too much to list

Approx 70 votive candle holders, covered in lace, with a handmade fabric flower on each,with the electric candles and extra batteries.

All of the containers and baskets and jars from the popcorn/nut buffet

Lace flags/banners, 8 ft long, 6 of them.

I'm sure there are more items, this is just what I can think of right now.

I can send you pics if you like.

The ceremony items will stay set up this week, so if you would like to come see it in person, hurry!

We would like to sell the whole package for $5000 OBO

We are open selling things separately also. Just ask!

Local Pickup only please,  Indianapolis, Indiana

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