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Good Gay Wedding Readings--poems or quotes or stories?

So my boyancee and I are looking for reading to use during the ceremony. We were trying to find something applicable to gay men, not the usually gender neutral stuff but we also have no interest in the court verdict readings that every site mentions for gay weddings. I just wonder if anyone has had any luck in finding good m2m poetry or short quotes or short fiction to use?

thanks for all the help--25 days to go and getting nervous



Re: Good Gay Wedding Readings--poems or quotes or stories?

  • We are using this, its not gender specific..just love specific ;)

                                                                                The Awakened Heart

    "There is a desire within each of us, in the deep center of ourselves that we call our heart. We were born with it, it is never completely satisfied, and it never dies. We are often unaware of it, but it is always awake. It is the human desire for love. Every person in this earth yearns to love, to be loved, to know love. Our true identity, our reason for being, is to be found in this desire... is the 'why' of life: why we are functioning at all, what we want to be efficient for... I am convinced it [love] is the fundamental energy of the human spirit, the fuel on which we run, the wellspring of our vitality. And grace, which is the flowing, creative activity of love itself, is what makes all goodness possible.

    Love should come first; it should be the beginning of and the reason for everything."

  • how about some oscar wilde or walt whitman?

    "Out of the rolling ocean the crowd"

    Out of the rolling ocean the crowd came a drop gently to me,
    Whispering, I love you, before long I die,
    I have travell’d a long way merely to look on you to touch you,
    For I could not die till I once look’d on you,
    For I fear’d I might afterward lose you.

    Now we have met, we have look’d, we are safe,
    Return in peace to the ocean my love,
    I too am part of that ocean, my love, we are not so much separated,
    Behold the great rondure, the cohesion of all, how perfect!
    But as for me, for you, the irresistible sea is to separate us,
    As for an hour carrying us diverse, yet cannot carry us diverse forever;
    Be not impatient – a little space – know you I salute the air, the ocean and the land,
    Every day at sundown for your dear sake, my love.

    or some 
  • looking more closely at that poem, perhaps not that one....
  • Thank you for the suggestions... I think  we're reading a brief David Sedaris story as of now... Who knew this could have been so hard...
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