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Ok I'm sure some of you have gotten a call after attending a bridal show about how you've won great prize and all you have to do it attend a sales pitch for their cookware.  Well I attended, it was very impressive and not a hard sell presentation at all. The presenter was funny and good at his job.  The cookware looked impressive and the food was good.  Then they dropped the boom the price was over $2000.  I knew going in that I wasn't going to be making a purchase that night but when I heard the price there was no doubt in my mind.  Now, yes if its a good product and it lasts 30 + years then it would be worth it.  Here's my issue with Royal Prestige's sales tactic.  They called me up out of the blue on a Sunday afternoon and said we needed to be there Tuesday evening with no hint of what it might cost to purchase their product.  Most of the couples at the presentation I attended were younger than I and had one or more children, while I don't make a ton of money I was probably one of the few people in the room that could if I wanted afford the cookware.  However, I don't make large purchases on a whim and I would say 1 hour presentation and 10 minutes between the reveal of the prices and the sales consultation a whim.  I like to have time to work out my budget etc.   So while I can't tell you if they are selling a quality product or if the prizes they present just for coming are worth what they say they are, I will say that they should be more up front about how much their product sells for to give couples a chance to really examine if they can afford it so they have no regrets.  So attend the presentation if you want but go in with your eyes open.  Also, while I took the voucher for the trip (we haven't used it yet and have no idea if we will) I would regret that and would probably choose the ring voucher if I could do it over.  Even if you have your rings you could always get a pair and sell them and likely come out further ahead.  I wonder how many actually take the trip? 
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