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Wedding Dress Anxiety - Help!!

I went dress shopping with my mother and two bridesmaids yesterday and bought a dress. It's completely the opposite of what I thought it would be...satin, a-line, train...I thought I wanted lace, flowy, romantic. I was up half the night and now woke up with my stomach in knots worried I made the wrong choice. 

When I said "yes" to getting the dress I got it because it made me feel glamorous and special, but I'm worried it's not the right fit for our wedding. We're having a June wedding outdoors at a family farm, and I'm so concerned that it's too formal. 

The other issue is that the color shown in these photos is not the color I ordered (shown in pewter, I ordered it in ivory)...and it won't even be here until March or April. 


Re: Wedding Dress Anxiety - Help!!

  • I love the dress on you and your face lights up in the second picture.  Yes, it is rather formal...but I've seen many more casual weddings still have very formal dresses.  I think you're fine though...if it had a lot more bling I might be hesitant...but I think it looks great on you!

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    It's nice.  I don't think it is too formal because, as mlg78 said, brides wear whatever they feel like nowadays.  You might be a bit warm in it though.
  • I think it's a beautiful dress. If it makes you feel glamorous and special it's the dress for you.

    I am getting married at my parents house in a small ceremony and still bought a pick-up skirt ball gown. So I feel you should wear whatever dress you want.

    Maybe consider getting a bustle or trimming the train a little if possible. That might help you not be too warm.

    Congrats again on your beautiful find! 

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  • I also agree that it looks fabulous on you! 

    What is keeping you up specifically at night - worrying that it's not the right fit for the venue, or worrying that it's not the dress you really want? 

    If your venue is your concern, as the OPs have said, don't worry about it for another second - your dress doesn't have to "match" your venue. 

    If you're not convinced it's the right dress for you, consider trying a few more on so that when you ultimately make a decision, you've considered all your options. 
  • You look extremely happy in these photos! The dress is lovely on you and don't discount the fact that it makes you feel beautiful and glamorous.

    However, if you don't think it's the right dress, call the dress store and see if you can cancel your order. Less than 24 hours later, they may allow you to do this. If you are seriously considering changing your mind, I would not wait to call them. You can always re-order the same thing later on if you want to.

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  • why not get two? this is gorgeous but might be heavy and hot all night. Get a receptions dress in lace. You look great!
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    I just went to an outside wedding that took place on the bride's family farm.  Her reception was held under a tent on in a dirt area (I am guessing where the horses would generally be) but the overall feel of the wedding was pretty casual but the bride was wearing a dress similar to this...

    The bride looked very beautiful.  Did the dress 100% go with her venue or overall feel of the wedding? No.  But you could tell that the bride loved her dress and that is really all that matters.

  • Its totally gorgeous on you! I think a lot of brides get "dress regrets" within days or even hours of that initial purchuse,because so much emotion and stress goes into a decision you have never had to make in your life before! You need to just breathe and realize that its over, you look beautiful, and let this weight fall of your chest.

    Now you can focus on other parts/details of your wedding, and for the love of God, do yourself a favor and STOP looking.

    The dress regrets will fade, and disappear completely when you try it on again for the first time:)
  • Also, I think the majority of brides see a dress in a magazine and think, "thats exactly what I want!" then end up getting something vastly different when they start trying them on!

    I thought I wanted vintage, buttoned up, lacy a-line with off the shoulders sleeves, and ended up getting a semi puffy, layered, strapless corset dress! What the heck?! But its all so different when you are trying them on:)
  • Gorgeous and you look so happy in it, that's what is important!
  • I think it is gorgeous and you look absolutely stunning in it. I went a farm/barn style wedding in August and the wedding party's attire was pretty laid back but the bride's dress was still formal and it looked beautiful and still fit in the wedding just fine. I'm getting married in 25 days and our wedding is laid back as well but my dress is formal. I think dress regret is somewhat normal. 

    With that said, if your gut instinct is that it's not the right dress then maybe you could talk with shop you ordered the dress from about looking at other options. I also like the suggestions of having two dresses if that's something you like. 

    I originally said "yes" to a dress and regretted it. I hated the dress and ended up working with the shop to exchange it for the dress I truly loved. 

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  • I think you look beautiful! It's your wedding and who cares if others think its too formal. I say go with the dress that makes you feel and look like you're glowing (which you totally are in the pics you posted).
  • Thank you everyone for your help!! I went back to the shop yesterday and tried it back on again, and then they put me in a dress that was more of my original vision. I stuck with my dress and feel so much better. 

    Thank you for your support!
  • It definitely is gorgeous!!! I had to do the same.. retrying it on confirmed I love it.
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  • love love your dress i felt the same way dress shopping i wanted something light for my summer wedding i knew in june it was going to be super hot. i am plus size and went to this place that carries a lot of plus size gowns in bigger sizes to try on the i had narrowed it down to 3 dresses one was light fabric not heavy second one was medium weight taffeta alecone lace. and the third one was so heavy no way. 

    i had to sit on the descision since i wanted to try on more dresses so the third salon did not get my vision at all heavy dresses and nothing like the taffeta dress. re try on this taffeta and alecone lace dress by mori lee her julietta line and i knew it was the one. i am having them remove most of the crinolin so its not so heavy but  keep enough that the dress still retains its shape 
  • You look amazing in that dress!  Untie those stomach knots, girl.  

    If you really feel like it's too formal, get a second one for the reception.  You can find reception dresses for a much lower cost, especially if you wore the formal one earlier in the evening.  
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  • Wow!!! That dress is beautiful and it looks amazing on you!!!!

  • Katie - I hope I can have your luck!!! I bought a dress Saturday and have been second guessing myself all week! I don't think it's the one but I'm trying it on again this weekend in hopes that it is!!!!
  • I went through the same thing, I thought I wanted lace V-neck, but when I tried that style on, it looked terrible on me. The dress I bought was completely different but I loved the way it looked in the store. I went home, and went through the same nerves. Now, a few weeks out, I keep looking at the pics of me in the dress, and am completely in love with it.  A lot of brides end up purchasing something different from what they initially had in mind.  You look great, and I think it's fine to wear any  type of dress you want to any venue, there are no rules about this. 
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