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We are having our ceremony at a church, and the reception at a museum about 45 minutes away from the church. The wedding invitations say "reception to follow" at the bottom. Do we have a card with the reception info, a card with directions, and a card for hotel accommodations/our website info? That seems like a ton of cards. Also, as to the card with directions, do we include directions to the church or directions from the church to the museum. I think most people would just put the addresses into their GPS and we could leave this who part out, but people seem to disagree with me.

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  • Because the ceremony and reception aren't in the same location, you should include a reception card.  You could include the reception information including the address and directions all on one card.  Even if most guests have a phone or GPS to plug the information into, not everyone does.  Even for those who do, things happen.  My FI's phone died on the way to a reception, and my phone did not get any kind of signal.  If we hadn't been following another car, we wouldn't have made it to the reception.  The odds of that happening are slim, but they do happen.
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    You don't put reception to follow on your wedding invitation, only the church address. Have a separate card inviting people to the reception, (Please join us for dinner and dancing) with the reception address and with the reception, website if you choose. Have an information card to include your website, hotel block info, club's dress code, etc., and directions if your location needs more info than a GPS could provide. Have a separate reply card with stamped envelope.
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    Glad I found this thread! Would you do the same thing if your reception was only about ten minutes away?
  • huskypuppy14huskypuppy14 Boston Suburbs
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    I believe "reception to follow" is only if your ceremony and reception are in the same place. Otherwise, you have a reception card with the information.. "Please join us for dinner and dancing at ...."
    Also, I realize it's too late now, but 45 minutes is a little too far a distance between your reception and ceremony.  


  • maryemoo said:
    Glad I found this thread! Would you do the same thing if your reception was only about ten minutes away?
    Yep. People still need address, name and directions regardless of how far away. Mine is only 10 minutes away and straight on a main road (minus getting on the highway at the beginning). Still including name, address and directions. In fact, because it's only 10 minutes away I would definitely include directions because not everyone will pull out their cellphones/GPS if they know it's that close. Though your OOT guests won't know it's only 10 minutes away.
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  • While I realize 45 minutes is a bit of a drive from the ceremony to the reception, we had to consider what reception venues were near the church (not a lot) and what we could afford that would be near the church (not a lot). My fiancé is Catholic, so we didn't have much choice in the ceremony venue. If it had been up to me, we would have the ceremony at the museum as well. oh well. If people make it, they make it. Lucky for us, our guests seem to be very excited about our wedding and are willing to make the drive. I have decided to include the RSVP, a reception card, and an accommodation card that also references our website with the invitations.
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