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Plus 1 and Addressing Invites Questions

So FI and I are going to be going through the guest list because we are having our graphic designer do our envelopes for us so we need to send all the addresses and names to her.  (When we sent the STDs, we only wrote "and guest" on two of the envelopes, one being an out-of-towner from Florida and since he is traveling from so far we are definitely extending a plus 1 to him; and the other being a cousin who is living with his GF, but no one in the family knew her last name and we left a few messages, but no answer LOL, yes my family doesn't like calling back LOL).

In terms of the plus one, I know that we need to invite everyone who is in a relationship with a plus one, which is totally fine.  Is it ok to invite all the truly single people by themselves and then later on if we have room if people decline extend a plus 1 verbally?  Kind of like "hey, can't wait to see you at the wedding, by the way, please feel free to bring someone with you."  I don't consider this B-Listing, but I want to be sure.

Secondly on the plus 1, I have two cousins, both 19, both dating someone.  Do we extend the plus 1 to them since they are technically teenagers and living at home?  Just want to be sure on this since they do have SOs.  

And lastly, we aren't doing inner envelopes, so is it ok to add the "and guest" to the outer envelope for those that we are extending the plus 1 for (which is really only the bridal party.  Everyone else we have names for because all our guests in relationships have been together for years so we all know each other.)

Thanks ladies!  Hope none of this is too confusing!  LOL.

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Re: Plus 1 and Addressing Invites Questions

    1.  I don't consider that to be B-Listing, I think it's understandable. If you have limited space or funds, I think it is understandable for the bride and groom to prefer for a close friend to be there as opposed to some random date of another friend. We gave plus ones to all of our friends, single or not, and lots of our single friends DID end up bringing friends who weren't even really "dates". Two nights before the wedding I had 4 guests text me asking if they could change their RSVP from 1 to 2 so they could bring a plus one.
    2. I did. If they live locally to you, there is a chance their SO would come. I think it is a nice gesture if they are family. I know when I was 19 I had been with my now husband for 2 years so we were very serious at that point. If they are traveling in, then I doubt their SO would come. We had some instances of this, and gave the plus one, and their significant other did not make the trip in.
    3. Got me here, we did inner envelopes so we didn't encounter this issue. However, for our rehearsal dinner invitations I think that is how we did it and how others that we received were addressed.
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  • 1. Not B-Listing

    2. Yes, they should get their own invitation with their BF/GF's name. Leave it up to them if he/she will come

    3. "and guest" on the outer envelope is fine for truly single guests that you're offering a plus one. Any other date must be listed by name.
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